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Rafaella Picasso’s apparent death on her wedding day after receiving a bullet from the mysterious Woman in Black left the entire audience in their wake “There is space in the background”; And not in vain, because many expected that Francesca Maldini’s daughter, who put her insecurities aside, would finally live a life with the man she loves, but her dream turned into a “tragedy” just moments before to say “Yes, I accept” to Pepe. At least that’s what we all thought.

Although we saw her mother allow her to be separated from the artificial respirator that kept her alive, causing her boyfriend to have a crisis; Luckily, this was just a plan to get the woman in black. However, other characters did not share the same fate as her. Next we will let you know who died in the nine seasons of the hit Peruvian series on América Televisión.

isabella picasso

Carmen seconds before she murders Isabella Picasso
Carmen seconds before the assassination of Isabella Picasso in “There is room in the background” (Photo: América TV)

Isabella Picasso is the other daughter of Francesca Maldini who also dies in the Peruvian series after he was murdered by Carmen in revenge against Francesca for killing his daughter Claudia Llanos with two bullets. “An eye for an eye, daughter for daughter”he pointed at him before shooting him dead.

The role of this witty character, whose main phrase was “Oh, my”, was played by actress Karina Calmet, who ceased to exist in episode eight.


Nelly Camacho falls in after suffering cardiac arrest
Nelly Camacho falls after cardiac arrest in “There’s Space in the Back” (Photo: América TV)

Nelly Camacho, the matriarch of the Gonzáles family, died of cardiac arrest after winning the lottery. While celebrating and saying that Francesca is now her equal because of her economic situation, she fell on her doorstep. Her husband Don Gilberto found her.

It was Irma Maury who gave life to this somewhat resentful, unpleasant and very bad-tempered woman. She left Down is Space in season six.

Claudia Llanos

The face of Claudia Llanos after receiving two bullets from Francesca Maldini
The face of Claudia Llanos after two bullets from Francesca Maldini in “There’s Space in the Back” (Photo: América TV)

Claudia Llanos, better known as “Shark Look”, died at the hands of Francesca Maldiniwho shot him twice for all the harm he had done to his family, such as the attempted murder of Peter McKay.

The role of this character was played by Úrsula Boza, who earned the contempt of viewers. She died in fiction in the seventh season.


The end of Mariano Pendeivis in
The end of Mariano Pendeivis in “There is Space in the Background” (Photo: América TV)

Mariano Pendavis was killed in an elevator by Claudia Llanosafter discovering the true identity of Leonardo, who was actually the brother of the “Shark Gaze”.

This character was responsible for Marcelo Oxenford, who became the husband of Francesca Maldini in the storyline. He leaves the series in the fourth season.


The tragic end of Violeta Huamán in
The tragic end of Violeta Huamán in “There’s Space in the Back” (Photo: América TV)

Violeta Huamán was a florist, mother of Milagros and Rubí, the latter despised her for abandoning her and her brother Padrick when they were just born. Though I kept hoping to regain his forgiveness died run over by Emilia de la Bordawho was Nicholas’ girlfriend.

Her role was played by Ana María Jordan. She ceased to exist in season seven, although she appeared sporadically as a ghost haunting whoever ended her life.


Genoveva Maldini died after a passionate night with Don Alejo
Genoveva Maldini died after a passionate night with Don Alejo in “There’s Space in the Back” (Photo: América TV)

Genoveva Maldini is Francesca Maldini’s cousin, who falls in love with Alejo Flores, although all he cares about is her money. They get married and after spending their first night together, he dies the next day from heart problems.

The actress who brings this character to life is Graciela Paola. His death in fiction occurs in the eighth season.


dr  Luis Trivelli, who was behind Grace's fake death, also dies
dr Luis Trivelli, who is behind Grace’s fake death, also dies in “There is room in the background” (Photo: América TV)

That dr Luis Trivelli is the doctor who helped certify Grace’s false death. When Peter goes looking for him, he sees him lying on his desk and thinks he’s asleep, he tries to wake him up with a slap, but then he realizes he has no pulse.

In the series, he dies of cardiac arrest and leaves the hit series in the eighth season.


Camilo de la Borda dies on the orders of Ángel Gavidia in
Camilo de la Borda dies on behalf of Ángel Gavidia in “There’s Space in the Back” (Photo: América TV)

Camilo de la Borda is Emilia’s brother.. He is responsible for the attempted sabotage of Miguel Ignacio’s company and embezzlement of funds from FerNico. it is assassinated on the orders of Ángel Gaviria after embezzling the company run by Fernanda de las Casas.

The role of this character, known as the “wax doll”, is played by José Dammert, who only appeared in episode eight of “Im Hinter ist Platz”.

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