Today’s horoscope, October 14, 2022, of all zodiac signs

In which Horoscope todayFriday October 14ththe moonresponsible for activating your emotional memory, joins Mars, related to your life force. Memories of the past will emerge from this encounter that will put you in a bad mood, but if you are strong you will be able to overcome them.


Today, reflecting the way you process emotions, the Moon in Gemini joins Mars, a planet associated with strong impulses and generated through a conversation with a friend due to the memory of an old discomfort, that you thought trouble forgotten

However, in a few minutes you will be able to process it positively and see that it was not so important since this union will take place in an element compatible with yours. Surely you have the power to overcome negative thoughts and you left unnecessary emotional burden behind.

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The Moon will join Mars and increase in you your fears and rush to close situations related to your finances and your desire to make more money. This will bring out your most materialistic side even more.

If you can manage to combine this energy overload with your high level of practicality, you can use the time you have to organize your economic priorities.

In addition, the planetary union mentioned above will indicate that it is time to look for new values, solutions and businesses. To amplify these events in your favor, perform a Grapefruit Ritual to attract quick cash in an emergency.

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Mars continues to pass your sign, causing you trouble and trouble. In addition, it will join the moon, which reflects your emotions and changes your temperament a little more; mainly because you feel attacked by the people around you or by those you communicate with.

It is important that you understand that this is not their intention, but that you will be very sensitive and you may feel your heart hurt. I recommend taking deep breaths, counting to ten, and holding back before responding. Try to calm down throughout the day and avoid conflict situations.

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Today the Moon, your sign’s ruling star and associated with your emotional memory, will unite with Mars, a planet associated with anger and bad character.

You can feel this influence through a comment that reminds you of a poorly processed anger or resentment from six months ago, even a situation you’ve been repressing for two years.

Keep in mind that this bad memory could be related to your romantic relationship. Therefore, I recommend that you take the opportunity to calm down and process the situation positively and gently let it out.

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Today there is a very strong vibration in Gemini due to the union of the Moon and Mars. This influence will benefit you and you will feel a surge of psychic and emotional energy to know how to help and support those close to you. Because you have the temperament of a leader, they await your direction to achieve goals.

You can also be a protective figure, giving strength to those who accompany you in this coexistence and to those who have always supported you. You will feel like thanking them for the unconditional support they have given you many times.

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Today the union of the Moon associated with your emotions and Mars representing your ego will not favor you as it is generated in an Air sign and you are from Earth. You will feel this experience like an electric current in your body that will put you in a bad mood with every comment you make about your plans and your work.

You will be very sensitive and will not accept criticism from others as you consider cooperation and mutual encouragement to be very important during this time. You will sense that they constantly challenge you and this is where it is important for you to know that your success depends on how you defend your projects without being aggressive.

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There are days when the energies of the universe conspire in your favor and today is one of them as Mars, the planet associated with your principle of affirmation, will join the moon, which represents your emotional needs.

The consequence of this union will be a positive energy impulse aimed at reviewing your goals according to the current situation, reorganizing your appointments and thus knowing what personal resources you have to fulfill them.

In addition, the combination of planets mentioned above will indicate to you that there is no time to lose and that it is time to organize your new life plan.

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Today, with the union of the Moon and Mars, very unstable emotions and feelings will be generated in you because resentment or anger generated by events that took place about six months ago will come into your mind and heart. It can also be disappointments from two years ago that you thought you had forgotten.

However, today’s planetary combination shows you that you still have it within you. For this reason, take the opportunity to let them go so they don’t stay with you as these are not times to keep the negative going but to keep your emotional world clean.

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Mars continues its passage through Gemini, and today when it meets the Moon, you might feel anxious about rushing things through and solving all the pending issues in the various relationships in your life. Now your reactions may be stronger than usual and you will want to assert yourself by giving directions to resolve conflict situations.

Since they are certainly unwilling to accept your will, uncomfortable anger or discomfort may arise. The important thing is that you learn to avoid these situations and, when you get upset, turn your thoughts to something else until you calm down.

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Mars, a planet that generates power and dynamism, will join the Moon today, adding an emotional charge to this influence. If you don’t know how to channel it, it can put you in a bad mood.

Since the aforementioned luminary is also related to your memory, concerns about the work inconvenience of the last six months might pop into your head today.

You will analyze the consequences of your friction with bosses or jobs that are not presented well. But this is not so that you remain complaining, but to solve it; So prevent bad luck and attract good luck with this beer ritual.

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Today the combination of energies between Mars, which evokes strong and impulsive reactions, and the Moon, which represents your emotional memory, will awaken in you some memories of a situation of anger or resentment that arose about six months ago.

But in addition, with the planetary combination mentioned above, you will be able to understand what happened and overcome it because you will have confidence to move past obstacles and face whatever is necessary. This makes you feel emotionally lighter, more determined and more concrete in your actions.

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Today the union of Mars reflecting your ego and the Moon reflecting your emotions will feel a special urge to have everything organized in your material and economic planning.

This could be a good way to turn your plans into reality and put in order the ideas you want to realize, but circumstances or other people will challenge you.

Therefore, you can get into arguments because of your unwillingness to give in to others. Don’t feel hurt in your ego, feel strong, this is only a temporary influence on your horoscope.

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