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PlayStation Stars, what is Sony’s loyalty program and how it works just arrived in Italy

Everything you need to know about PlayStation Stars, Sony’s new loyalty program for PlayStation users who have just arrived in Italy.

Since its announcement last July, PlayStation Stars has spoken a lot about itself, particularly due to the rapid spread of some news about its operations, filtered straight from the US, where Sony’s loyalty program has been available for some time. From news that $1,750 worth of purchases would be required to redeem a triple-A video game with points, to prompt customer support for top-level subscribers, the publicity surrounding the initiative has always taken shape the controversy. , with the result that users have largely not yet fully understood how the service works.

Therefore, in connection with the arrival in Italy, we decided to create a detailed guide everything you need to know about PlayStation Stars, if you have any questions. We will review all the benefits that it currently guarantees to subscribers, but we will also try to give you some explanations about the registration procedure, which is not exactly as intuitive as we would have liked. In short, if you consider yourself a rust-free PlayStation fan then you should definitely check out the below.

What is PlayStation Stars and how do I sign up?

PlayStation Stars has four tiers, each with their own benefits

But let’s start from the beginning because there’s a good chance that someone reading these lines has never heard of the service before. At least in its current declination, PlayStation Stars is configured as loyalty program, not so far from what gas stations and supermarkets are studying to keep their customers glued. Instead of tasteless suitcases and bags, the program currently relies on two types of rewards, points and digital collectibles. The former represent currency that can be converted into products from the PS Store or directly into credits that can be spent in the PlayStation Digital Store, while the latter are virtual objects that can be placed in a display that now represents each PlayStation accompanies players. . The program is divided into four tiers, each with specific rewards that can be climbed by purchasing video games from the PS Store or by unlocking trophies. The fourth, reached after four purchases or 128 trophies, as rumored really does include the ability to prioritize customer support.

We’ll talk shortly about the ways to earn the two rewards, while now we’ll focus on how to sign up for the program, which of course is completely free and doesn’t have any particular subscription restrictions. At the time of writing, PlayStation Stars is all about the new PS app for mobile devices, the only tool that currently allows you to browse the benefits and offers of the service. The easiest way to register is through the application: just download it if you don’t already have it on your smartphone, log in with your PlayStation profile details and click the little blue icon at the top of the interface, then follow of the information displayed on the screen.

Here’s what the PlayStation Stars UI looks like on the PS app

From a PC via a browser, it can be just as easy. While it’s not yet possible to browse the program’s menus from a computer, simply reach out to this address and log in, then click Subscribe Now to be instantly enrolled in Stars. Paradoxically, the sections dedicated to the service on both PlayStation consoles are nothing more than advertising spaces that refer to the download of the app via QR code. While this is incredibly accurate and very clear to navigate, the decision to only be able to access the program from mobile is really inexplicable, as it introduces another obstacle to understanding the service for all those users who aren’t used to it are to switch between different technological devices. . We hope to soon have full access to the PlayStation Stars profile from the comfort of the console, similar to what is happening on Xbox for the Rewards initiative.

How points are earned, the currency that can be converted into PlayStation products

Inside PlayStation Stars is a virtual showcase that can hold the collected collectibles

The comparison with the Microsoft counterpart is inevitable as the services are very similar, even if they are separated by a few differences that we are convinced will even out over the years. With the new PlayStation Plus still light years away from the Game Pass giant’s offering, stars need to be aware too Reward with discreet admiration. Sony is taking its very first steps in the services space, which is why we believe the program is still in an embryonic state, but ready to move forward as it makes its way into PlayStation’s vast installed base.

With Rewards, you can earn points—and real money to spend in Microsoft Digital Stores—by completing a variety of activities, which may include pure Xbox gameplay, through Game Pass. PlayStation Stars, on the other hand, offers points like exclusive reward for PS Store purchases and yes, the calculation that has circulated in the past was dramatically true. PlayStation Plus subscribers (and beware, only them) receive 10 points for every euro spent in the shop, so if you buy an €80 Triple A, you will receive 800. As 5,000 points can be converted into €20, the 800 points will consequently receive a commission of €80 correspond to €3.2. Using another arithmetic operation, it’s easy to figure out that you have to buy a full-price Triple A 25 times, paying a total of €2,000, before you’re credited with €80 in points again.

In the PlayStation Stars Rewards section, points can be redeemed for PS Store credit, but also for full video games

There are also points for completing some actions, but these are only for the purchase of products from the PlayStation Digital Store. Right now there is one that rewards you 50 points when you take home one of The Last of Us Part I, NBA 2K23, Inscryption, Tunic and Valkyrie Elysium. With the conversion of the last paragraph, the purchase would only be worth 20 cents. There is currently no evidence of this, but it is impossible to observe these ridiculous exchange rates and not imagine that sooner or later PlayStation Stars will welcome the opportunity to earn points with alternative activities. It is true that Sony offers subscribers the opportunity to buy a very small gold reserve for free after purchase, but the formula as it is does not work and it is obvious that there will be a radical change in the near future.

What about digital collectibles?

The PlayStation Stars Hit Play / 1994 campaign allows you to snag a digital collectible by finding some 1994 songs in the best PlayStation exclusives

One of the rumors circulating over the last few months was that the program would reward players with NFTs, digital items that would normally be monetized by selling them to the highest bidder. PlayStation Stars offers these digital collectibleshowever, they cannot be transferred to other profiles in any way and merely represent a private collection of video game-related memorabilia that can be viewed in the Showcase, a new section of the profile.

Digital collectibles, yes, are obtained as a reward by completing campaignsa wide variety of activities that can range from launching a game on PlayStation to playing some of Sony’s most popular exclusives by searching for specific songs released in 1994. Sony promises that the campaigns will include tournaments, console features and quizzes and puzzles We’re excited to see how varied the program will be when it launches.

What do you think of PlayStation Stars? Thinking about joining the PlayStation loyalty program?

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