Pasta, heating oil, toaster… Which products have seen the greatest price increases in a year?

The final inflation figures for September, published by INSEE this Friday, October 14, 2022, confirm this: in France, consumer prices in September 2022 were, on average, 5.6% higher than in September 2021 (compared to September 5). .9% YoY). -Annual increase in August).

But of course, behind this total number there are important differences depending on the product, as the price of some has increased significantly more than others.

The price of heating oil is rising

Unsurprisingly, the most notable price increases are in the energy sector. INSEE states that in September 2022 energy prices rose by an average of 17.9% over a year.

The most spectacular increase is the price of heating oil (71.1% over a year), while gas prices have increased by 30.4%, while the prices of petroleum products have increased by 18.7%. Electricity prices rose by 10.7%.

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The prices for flour, pasta and poultry are rising sharply

Inflation is also very high in the agri-food sector, with all food and non-alcoholic beverages registering an average price increase of 10.6%.

This total is mainly boosted by the high price inflation of flour and other grains (+21.9%), pasta (+20.4%), poultry (+15.8%) and butter (+17.4%). driven. , lard (+60%), margarine (+23.5%) or frozen fruit (+40.6%), although the latter represents a minimal cost factor. The price of coffee increased by 12.1%.

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The prices of small household appliances are rising sharply

INSEE also notes that the selling prices of small household appliances have also increased significantly (+10.8% over one year).

In detail, the organization notes that the price of toasters has increased by 16.1% in twelve months, while the price of coffee makers has increased by 14.9%. The prices of products that INSEE puts in the “Other small household appliances” category (coffee grinders, ice machines, fans, etc.) increased by 12.4% in one year.

Aviation, animal products, hotels… Other significant increases

Insee also points out that certain other product categories that are further removed from our daily lives and immediate needs have also seen sharp increases in their selling prices over the past year.

This applies in particular to everything to do with “air passenger transport” (+23.1%), pet products (+12.3%), hotel prices (+12.3%), domestic help tariffs (+16.1%) or carpentry or carpentry jobs Joinery work (+16.4%).

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