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The performance on the track is so great that the re-edition of the more extreme Ducati reaches Panigale. The 998cc V4R engine accelerates to a whopping 16,500 rpm and the price matches so much racing heritage

October 14, 2022

Cot a few days late to the scheduled program, the fourth tip of the Ducati world premiere – the web series dedicated to presenting the news of Borgo Panigale for 2023 – arrived this afternoon.

As expected from a claim that didn’t raise many doubts, the veils were removed from the Panigale V4Rthe most radical production supercar from Ducati and one of the replicas absolutely more specialized with a view of the route in the world panorama.

Below you will find the Video Magazine illustrating the latest Panigale.

andVisually, the new version is immediately recognizable by its Ducati-inspired livery MotoGPthe white number plates with the number 1 and for the carbon wings at the lower edge of the windshield.

The V4R 2023 goes on sale 51,525 eurosis manufactured in a limited series and bears the consecutive number and the name of the model on the upper handlebar plate – in a milled version made of solid aluminium.

PRotagonist of the 2023 model is once again the 90° V4 Desmosedici Stradale R 998cc engine: reaches the maximum speed of 16,500 rpm in sixth gear (500 rpm less in the other ratios) and develops the maximum power of 218 hp at 15,500 rpm in the Euro5 configuration.
A value that, despite all the improvements compared to the Euro4 predecessor, delivers a slightly reduced performance due to the stronger limitation of the Euro5 exhaust system. Stop it Assembly of the racing exhaust to reach 237 horsesthat’s 3 more than before.

Along with engine development, the new V4 R developed a special shell oil which allows a 10% reduction in mechanical friction and leads to an increase in maximum power additional 3.5 hp, which increase to +4.5 at the limiter. The formulation of this oil is based on the use of racing-type additives, specific for high-revving engines and equipped with it dry clutch.

andd It is the dry clutch, as in MotoGP and SBK engines, that allows the use of additives otherwise unusable in the wet clutch.

In summary, the Panigale V4 R can achieve something with special exhaust and oil 240.5 hp.

They are used for the first time on a racing bike Titanium connecting rods of the type gun drilledie drilled longitudinally along the shank, allowing the passage of oil from the head to the small end, improving lubrication of the pin and therefore reliability in extreme conditions.

noel Desmosedici Stradale R the pistons They have a coating with a DLC surface treatment, like in MotoGP and Formula 1, which is first applied to a street engine. The pistons are then 5 grams lighter: -2% of their weight.

That cam profile The intake is more aggressive and has greater lift, in addition it is matched to new variable length horns, also modified according to the maximum power in the configuration with racing exhaust.

They are changed the gear ratio Continuation of what was done on the superbikes, as already done on the Panigale V4 S 2022, with the lengthening of the first, second and sixth gears. The smaller jump between first and second gear allows the Quick Shift to work more effectively.

nothen not missing all electronic messages introduced on the Panigale V4 2022 and 2023, with the expansion and evolution of the power modethe new view track Evo on the dashboard, the engine maps with calibration for each individual gear, the refinements on the error code and the system Travel by cablebut also the adoption of the strategy engine brake Control EVO 2, the new strategy for fast switching and fan control upgrade.

For those who only use the Panigale V4 R on the track, the specific software Performance DTC EVO 3 for Slick rain tires (sold as an accessory and makes the bike non-road legal).
Enables flashing of the rear lights, as required by racing regulations when it rains, replacing Street Riding Mode with a rain mode specifically designed for use on wet roads

Finally, as on road bikes, the pit limiter to limit speed when exiting and entering the pit lane, while the more compact accelerator pedal eliminates free travel.

Lto the chassis of the V4 R based on the known chassis front frame and on the swingarm one arm in aluminum alloy from the Panigale family. The height of the rear swingarm pivot can be adjusted in four positions in 2mm increments.

front the Ohlins pressure fork NPX25/30 increases its travel by 5mm compared to the previous “R” version. This technical choice, combined with a shock absorber Ohlins TTX36 (with hydraulic preload adjustment) whose wheelbase goes from 312 to 316 mm and with a standard adjustment of the swing arm bearing to the +1 position, the rear height increases by 20 mm.
This gives you a higher center of gravity and thus more agility when driving in and changing direction.

The greater travel of the fork allows the wheel to maintain contact with the tarmac with accentuated load transfer toward the rear axle under acceleration while swingarm position pivots increases the anti-squat effect Improving stability, precision and ability to maintain trajectory out of turns.

THEl Brushed aluminum container it has an increased capacity of 17 liters and a profile that supports arms and legs more favorably when braking and driving. there saddle it is flatter, reduced in foam and with a different coating to offer greater freedom of longitudinal movement.

That new wings with two elementsMain and flaps, offer the same downforce as before, but are more compact and thinner (by 40% and 50% respectively).

fAccesories finally the plant of Akrapovič full titanium exhaust with double silencer under the saddle (-5 kg ​​​​​​compared to the standard) and equipped with a special mapping that adapts all the control parameters to the new performances; magnesium rims (-0.7 kg compared to original forgings); adjustable footrests made of aluminium, developed in cooperation with Rizoma.

The package Pit stop accessories offers electric blankets and garage stands, it is also possible to adopt one or more of the components carbon fiber for superstructures.

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