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In the Dead Space preview we talk about outstanding graphics and sound, but also about the many new surprises that await you in this spectacular remake.

Electronic Arts introduced us Preview of Dead Space, the remake a survival horror that left an indelible mark on the memories of horror and science fiction fans in 2008. The graphics have been rebuilt with the Frostbite engine, the sound has been greatly improved and the adventure has been enriched with some new surprises, fortunately the gameplay has remained the same as fourteen years ago…

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Dead Space: If that's how you remember the original, maybe it's time for a refresher...

Dead Space: If that’s how you remember the original, maybe it’s time for a refresher…

And it’s great to come back today, as publishers are beginning to realize that taking all kinds of complexity away from video games is becoming counterproductive. The best thing about this Dead Space Remake is its own be a game from 2008, designed and built without fear of over-spooking users either with the actual action or with overly elaborate puzzles, or a level design that doesn’t settle for two cross corridors. Mind you: complex does not necessarily mean difficult.

Dead Space had its own difficulty levels, but even if you chose the easiest mode, the game never treated you like an idiot, instead remaining fulfilling and in its own way. delightfully tortuous. Dead Space, the original like this remake, prefers to think if you started it because you’re also ready to play with it, you didn’t pick up the pad because you’re bored or you have thirty minutes to throw it away . But if you increase that difficulty…

Dead Space can become a real nightmare. The game’s enemies are the necromorphs, deviant creatures that inhabit the bodies of the dead by crippling and reinventing their forms, a bit like what happened in John Carpenter’s unforgettable The Thing. Of necromorphs there is one everywhere, while Isaac Clarke is only one, and he is not even a warrior, a soldier, a policeman; he doesn’t even have proper weapons, yes this poor devil doesn’t even have one and is forced to use mainly his miner’s equipment. But it would have been a lot worse for a chef: Isaac’s tools are indeed designed for carving rocks and gems, and even get along quite well with the skinned bones of necromorphs, which we can meticulously mutilate until they no longer pose a threat .

In this remake, the developers have entrusted part of the direction an AI that regulates the intensity of what we encounter along the way revolutionizing the atmosphere of the game in real time, for example by manipulating the lights, the sound and the fights, as well as changing the type and number of necromorphs that await us along the way.

Welcome to Ishimura

This mainly happens inside the station Ishimura, now totally at the mercy of this catastrophic alien infection. The structure’s pipes hiss, lights come and go, many of the vital systems are inoperative and must be reactivated as the story progresses.

The work done by EA theme is commendable: the details have increased dramatically, but the character of the environment has remained unchanged. It’s as if the game has always been like this, but that’s certainly not the case and a quick look back is enough to tell.

The Ishimura is included in the new edition a continuous, unloaded environment, while the whole adventure unfolds in a single sequence shot. To at least hopefully make the game better, new rooms, new passages, new secrets have been added and the lore has been multiplied with new documents and an improved environment narrative. There will also be new dialogue and Isaac Clarke will return to speak exactly as he did in the second and third parts of Dead Space. New weapons have been introduced, and as mentioned in the first wave of information, the Necromorphs are now made up of multiple layers of flesh, muscle and bone that will realistically and progressively give way under our blows.

Faithful to the end?

The Dead Space remake also introduces new rooms, new weapons and new secrets

The Dead Space remake also introduces new rooms, new weapons and new secrets

Dead Space Remake seems to stay true to the promise of making current without defacing a game that has since become a classic in every sense. The graphic aspect of this remake has a unique strength, but despite the rebuild with a new engine, they remain somewhat outdated elements, like some NPCs. Sound, which is as important here as polygons and textures, has all the makings of pushing the volume of immersion, and more importantly fear, beyond the emergency threshold.

Assuming a quality game like Dead Space certainly helped the developers of this remake, but the work done shouldn’t be underestimated. What we need to understand, and we can only do that with the full game in hand, is whether the finer changes, particularly those affecting difficulty balance, will be able to preserve thatEssence of the original game. It would indeed be a disaster to technically recreate Dead Space so well only to tame its challenge, the strategic depth of its peculiar battles.

Everything we’ve seen and heard about this Dead Space Remake makes us extremely optimistic. It would have been much better if the series had never been forgotten and consequently shouldn’t be rediscovered now, but things don’t always go as they should and this remake represents a very interesting opportunity, an adventure that continues to this day extraordinary, to relive and to engage a generation of fans who had never heard of Dead Space. However, we’ll have to wait for the final verdict early next year: Dead Space Remake is actually out on January 27th, a strange date for a video game…


  • The Ishimura has never looked so beautiful
  • AI changing the atmosphere in real time? We love it
  • Improved setting with new details and documents


  • Will he remain faithful to the end, or will his difficulties be diluted?
  • Some “old fashioned” NPCs have been spotted
  • Will the novelties improve or damage the original?

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