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Receive contempt with the notion that it can only be a first-person survival horror will inevitably mislead you.


Puzzle game, survival horror
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October 14, 2022
ebb software

Ebb Software’s debut feature is something else that, for much of the first half of the game, has you believing it’s a complex puzzle game with elusive and not immediately decipherable systems. It happens when you have first exposure to something unfamiliar that doesn’t fully conform to patterns of habit and familiarity.

It happens when you come into the world when all is unknown and you move to discover, to experience, to learn, to hurt, to grow and to become aware. and contempt was born with a concept that is about not being born in the easiest and cutest way, but of it being violently thrown into a nightmare where suffering is the normwhere you witness atrocities and malicious acts against your will until you understand what your ultimate purpose is, your function in the big picture of existence.

contempt, the story

contempt doesn’t even have a line of dialogue, has no in-game text, never provides maps of the bio mazes you will go through, has no tutorial, doesn’t have a proper hud, doesn’t explain everything for you, and it leaves you to your own devices in a world that is a constant threat and perpetual trap.

When you wake from your slumber and struggle with yourself to get back on your feet, you will find yourself lost, stunned and locked into something you could call one huge and rotting organic and metallic belly. Her aesthetic is at once harmonious and clumsy, deformed and symmetrical, inviting and repulsive, ordered and disturbed. The methodical and precise chaos of contempt it is the way food of an inevitable confusion, which only with perseverance and perseverance can become a safe and secure path.

Not only will you tinker with machines whose function isn’t immediately apparent—while moving around in search of reference points and solutions to advance—you will be doing it all the time a world that knows how to communicate with you through the environment, by exploiting the true peculiarity of the video game that never really wants to use the language of cinema. And that’s not only a source of pride, but also somewhat surprising given what the most obvious sources of inspiration are for contempt.

If the distant and isolated views, overwhelmed by redness and clouded by surreal shapes and spaces, are definite references to Beksiński, the interior design is Giger’s prodigy. The admirers of the Swiss artist will soon realize how much his work literally poured out contemptbut you’ll also understand how the developers managed to carve out an identity of their own that pays homage rather than aping, that uses their strongest backbone and eventually fills them with new flesh.

But that’s it with Cronenberg too contempt he confronts the inevitable submission: not only by accepting the most daring stylistic cues of body horror, but also by tracing some of the big themes proposed by the Canadian director. contempt it’s not easy to read and will keep you thinking for about seven hours even after hitting the credits (duration can vary significantly if you get stuck). The contrasting relationship between objective and subjective reality, the character that becomes the symbol of the disease itself, the psychological damnation, and the reckless advance of science are all gods. Parallels between Cronenberg’s poetics and the narrative intentions of contempt.

While the direction Ebb Software’s work is taking is clear, understanding its ultimate meaning is less clear. However, you understand him through his way of communicating brutality and constant suffering how contempt is a fatalistic allegory of a restless life without peace and moments of happiness.

Portraying some kind of parasitic disease that weakens you, consumes you, and slowly annihilates you almost seems like a joke compared to an ending that wants to paint worse scenarios than death itself. And in this way the horror finds its most mocking and decadent sublimation, knowing that the keys of interpretation cannot be exhausted with an unambiguous reading.

Someone loved Cronenberg’s eXistenZ, huh?

contempt it is not just the withered fruit of an existentialist vision that leaves no way out or presents life as a complex of utilitarian functionalities for the benefit of others. There’s more behind the unforgiving snapshot, namely what’s left of one individual’s shameful deeds extraterrestrial civilization that may have been long extinct. Probably once glorious, very technologically advanced and organized around a form of imperialism presented in contempt It’s the most bloodthirsty, sadistic, and cruel species we’ve seen from video games in recent years.

This is partly evident in a first half that suggests hidden truths and leaves room for many questions until they congeal in a second half that makes clearer what happened, what remained and the aftermath that still lingers.

In a very slow, rhythmic and difficult tempo, contempt He takes his time, never chooses trivial solutions and never falls into simple clichés. However, it must be admitted that this is a title that does not feel the need to clap users and therefore to please everyone and that could make several players run away in a short time.

playing style

The reasons for this statement are related to one thing uncompromising gameplay progression that allows you to hop off the train immediately if the journey isn’t immediately to your liking. contempt starts immediately with the puzzles, like a puzzle game where your only task is to move forward without ever encountering enemies and understand how to craft the absurd contraptions that appear in front of your work.

These machines never show their real function, but simulate the movement they would perform under optimal operating conditions. It is therefore up to you to intercept their radius of action and the true purposes for which they were created in order to find the Capstone.

The first hours of contempt They devote themselves to exploring, understanding the world around them and multiple attempts that fail, which will intentionally confuse you. His world primarily responds to alien laws that you must first understand and then use to your advantage: first use your own body, use your flesh to penetrate metal or crawl between biomechanical mechanisms, and then solve puzzles.

You’ll soon find that even the same game master is subjected to a constant puzzle that doesn’t lose its bite and clings to the actual structure of the game. The most obvious paths are often blocked to you, the main direction is not easy to find due to the rather confusing maps, the obstacles are continuous and the solutions to the puzzles are not always immediate. Although this is a specific will of the developers, it cannot be minimized contempt Many moments of the game are a small sacrifice of excessive and unnecessary complexity.

We don’t make it a matter of pacing, because he’s staid by nature and must never bow down to scripts or sections that lead to frenzied escapes, moments of panic, or surprise appearances. It’s not that kind of game, and it doesn’t even try to be one, on the contrary it remains atmospheric and has few climaxes with suspense. Rather, the survival horror component of contempt it comes later, when defense becomes a real necessity.

The weapons only partially resemble what one would expect, as they are actually composable organic agglomerates with some shapeless beings writhing within. that work in mysterious waysFire bullets that look like meat or, instead of exploding, are equipped with a plunger-quick plunger to take down oxen.

You won’t find any magazines, but sometimes when you get close to strange dealers, that kind of mint you’re holding (or someone keeps in your place) will restore the few shots available, sometimes even with a blood load , which is useful for restoring some of your health.

These resources are scarce, you have to save a lot, and avoiding conflict with creatures is always your best bet. Sometimes your back is against the wall, and that’s when it’s important to make a virtue out of necessity, waste little, and optimize the damage done as much as possible. Therefore, do not expect modern FPS developments, let alone game sessions where gunfights dominate, because contempt It is a contemplative journey into the black heart of an unknown and indescribable madness.

To beautify the sick atmosphere contempt There is fantastic soundtrack from Lustmord, one of the kings of dark ambient. The result is a constant feeling of deep alienation and cosmic loneliness, combined with sounds that are a prelude to an imminent threat, in the presence of a creeping evil that first infiltrates the sordid and obscene architecture of this place, then gets under the skin and something creates discomfort and communicating doom.

Same feeling we felt when we encountered a game-breaking bug that was only solved by rebuilding the entire section from scratch. But it’s a hiccup that’s curbed with a patch, and generally the success of a ‘bold, unique work that differs from all others in conception and artistic direction, which over time has morphed from indie to a double A, perhaps destined to remain a niche. And for that very reason, to be fully appreciated by those who are able to make the most of what is basking in the great darkness of eternity.

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