Chyna, “the ninth wonder of the world”, forgotten by WWE

Chyna during the 2003 American Music Awards. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

Chyna during the 2003 American Music Awards. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

D Generation X celebrated his 25th anniversary as a team WWE. Much has changed in the company since its debut in 1997. now Triple H Y Shawn Michaels, the leaders of the group who dreamed of being in control are responsible for them. What never changed was recognition which the board denied Chynathe gladiator that was pillar in the faction Y broke plans on the wrestling.

The fighter died in April 2016because of a overdose. However, his legacy remains latent in the memory of fans of the sports and entertainment. Four-year career at WWE were enough to establish itself as the banner that inspired the next generations of female athletes. It was shown that women can be more dominant in the ring than men.

Some veterans don’t ignore its importance either. X Pacone of his ex-partners and still a member of D Generation XHe honored her at the celebration. “Now that I have your attention, I ask for a standing ovation for what I consider to be the magic ingredient in the recipe DX: “The Ninth Wonder of the World” Chyna‘ he announced to the fans in attendance Barclays Center from Brooklyn, NY.

The crowd responded with applause, but the tribute its trajectory was abandoned in a simple to name. The king of kings, The heartbreaker boy Y Street DoggShe, who stayed in the ring, didn’t say a single word about it. It acted as disturbing piece of business and at such an emblematic moment her allies cast her aside. Just like WWE has been doing for over 20 years.

Chyna reaches the back of the hand Triple H. Before their first official presentation, both held one relationship from the strings. on the screen, always stood behind him as long as it’s noticeable. At the same time, he used the limelight to make a name for himself. It was more than one companionhad the talentthe physically and the Strength necessary to put a stamp on the discipline.

Instead of being in competition Women’s sectionwent straight against them male most successful of the time. doD Generation X had to face legends of the caliber rock either Brett Hart? In front of the others in the faction, she did not hesitate to step forward. That’s how it started character that catapulted her like a revolutionary.

The company called it “The ninth wonder of the world“, just after his eighth date: Andre the giantthe French of 2.24 meters high Y 230 kg weight that shocked them pancratius. Because of its effect Chyna should be your next big star. Defeated Vince McMahonthe then president of the organizer, in 1999.

For this reason he rated the royal rumbleone of tournaments most recognized of the consortium, where Only men could fight. He didn’t win the fight, although his participation made him one first woman to fight in battle. In the 2010s Beth Phoenix, karma Y Nia Jax They repeated his performance. It wasn’t until 2018 when the WWE launched a women’s edition.

He didn’t have any qualms about taking theirs either title. Despite participation in macho stories, keep all his critics mouths shut. deducted Intercontinental Championship a Jeff Jarrettwho said on countless occasions: “he was ashamed to share the ring with a woman“. In addition, he requested thiswill return to the kitchen” on TV.

Chyna assured that Jarrett I request you 300 thousand dollars a McMahon so he could give him the belt. This was defended on the grounds that the amount corresponded to a Payment I did not receive, Well after the Hand in Hand ended his contract. Deciding not to renew it, he joined the ranks of the extinct World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

He defended his scepter against it Chris Jerichothey were even Co-Champions. Then the Canadian dethroned her. He conquered the gold before Val Venisdue to the support of Eddie Guerrero. is the only gladiator to have managed to wear the male medal. In his last stage he conquered the Championship of Women. Nobody could beat her, so she said goodbye to the WWE and his award ended up empty.

The truth is I wanted to get one better salary. His sister, Kathy Hamiltonindicated that it was offered 400 thousand dollars keep going. She wanted to be paid for her quality A million dollarscharacter who like characters Stone Cold ‘Steve Austin’. The Commentator Jim Ross He confirmed it: he pointed out that they were not able to guarantee him such an amount. They never came to an agreement.

In short, his sentimental attachment to Triple H it was over Until 2001 he played a engagement With Stephanie McMahon, the owner’s daughter. Fiction became reality. She stated that she confronted to clarify the situation, but the fighter blowa fact that causes that instant break. In the end he found a love letter.

The fighter rejected the version. In several interviews he stated that the later idea of Chyna in which entertainment for adults has prevented her from being recognized as she currently deserves. However, while he was working there, he posed for the magazine playboy; product of a approval between companies, which lasted until 2008. This year WWE has transformed its product: it has chosen to focus on it children.

The only recognition which he received from the company was conceived jointly after his death. She was tricked into doing it hall of famein 2019, along with D Generation X It was impossible to despise his importance in the team. during the ceremony, Shawn Michaels She claimed none of them would be as respected without the boost she gave them.

That WWE still owe you single celebrationfrom the level of your sleight of hand in which sports entertainment. It’s not just a pioneer and an icon par excellence duels between the sexes. He proved that Women they could also be successful in an industry where men have historically excelled. A wonder of the world cannot be forgotten.


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