At least 5 dead in shootings in Raleigh neighborhood, N. Carolina officials say

A 15-year-old suspect was taken into custody after a “long standoff” with police in connection with a shooting that killed five people and injured two others Thursday night in Raleigh, North Carolina, officials said.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper called the killing spree “every community’s nightmare.”

The shooting happened in a neighborhood northeast of central Raleigh and urged residents to stay indoors. One of the fatally injured is an off-duty police officer, Mayor Mary-Anne Baldwin said.

In a news conference Friday morning, Raleigh Police Chief Estella D. Patterson said the suspect was taken into custody after an effort by a coalition of local security agencies and he is in critical condition.

He has not been identified.

No information has been released about a motive or the suspect’s background as the investigation is ongoing.

Patterson said the victims who were killed ranged in age from 16 to 52.

They were identified as: Nicole Connors, 52, Susan Karnatz, 49, Mary Marshall, 35, off-duty Raleigh Police Officer Gabriel Torres who was on his way to work, 29, and a 16-year-old white male.

In addition to the deceased, two people were injured in the shooting: Raleigh Police Officer Casey Clark, 33, who was treated and has since been discharged from hospital, and Marcille Gardner, 59, who remains in critical condition.

An off-duty officer was killed as police responded to an active shooting situation in an East Raleigh, NC, neighborhood Thursday afternoon.
An off-duty officer was killed when police responded to a shooting in an East Raleigh, NC neighborhood on Thursday afternoon.WRAL

“Terror hit our doorstep tonight,” Cooper told reporters Thursday night. “Every community’s nightmare has come to Raleigh. This is a senseless, horrific and infuriating act of violence that has been committed.”

Baldwin said, “We must end this senseless gun violence that is taking place across our country. There are too many victims. We need to wake up.”

Patterson said the crime scene was “sprawling” as of Friday morning, stretching over two miles.

Police were responding to a call about a person being shot and killed just after 5 p.m. on the 6000 block of Osprey Cove Drive. Patterson said the shootings took place on neighborhood streets, then the suspect fled to the Neuse River Greenway, where more victims were shot.

The Police Department advise local residents staying indoors in the leafy neighborhood known as Hedingham. Aerial footage from NBC affiliate WRAL showed a heavy police presence.

A witness named Robert Anderson told NBC’s TODAY that he saw the shooter from his quarterdeck.

“He had a camo shirt, camo pants, black boots, he also had a backpack that looked like it was stuffed to the brim,” he said in an interview that aired Friday.

“He ran, and when I told you he ran, it was like nothing happened,” Anderson explained.

Another witness who spotted the apparent shooter recounted WRAL that she saw neighbors trying to help the off-duty officer who was bleeding in a car.

The witness told the station she saw the gunman run away from the scene and disappear into a nearby park. He wore black boots and appeared to be a teenager, she said.

“He looked like a baby,” she told WRAL, adding, “I just don’t even have the words to explain it. It’s not OK.”

CORRECTION (October 14, 2022 10:10 am ET): A previous version of this article misrepresented the age of one of the injured. The victim in critical condition is 59, not 50.

Lindsey Pipia contributed.

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