Today’s horoscope, October 13, 2022, of all zodiac signs

In which Horoscope todayThursday October 13th, Venus Y Saturn retrograde combine their energies to help you understand that the affection and love you put into what you do can overcome any discomfort.


Today is a good day for you to achieve greater emotional stability and strengthen the relationships that you consider most important. The best way to do this is to show them that despite your high work concentration, your affection will be able to transcend distances, assisted by Venus retrograde Saturn’s good synchronization, which intertwined their energies.

With this influence, you can show that you are one of those zodiac signs that appear cold but are actually very affectionate. In addition, you will come out of your silence, you will share what is happening to you, you will listen more and thus build strong relationships.

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You are already very close to the waning moon and as you already know, this phase of the moon helps you close situations. To help you with that, Venus and Saturn retrograde will give you the calm you need today to make your plans and consider which credit card to close these days or what to change in the management of your economy.

You could also do it with your daily tasks at work. Use this day to focus and direct your impulses to organize yourself as it will be a day of positive vibes where you will have a more flexible mind and a more hopeful vision.

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Today the moon will move into your sign and for your horoscope this might create a little bit of fear, even if you have no reason or serious problem to be like that. However, as the hours pass, Saturn will meet you in a very favorable manner.

In this way you will get a very special feeling of calm that will help you to feel more inner harmony and to enjoy everything you do. Additionally, this energetic combination will make you feel stronger and more emotionally constant, allowing you to embrace reality with integrity and good luck in your heart.

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Today will be a very auspicious day for you as Venus, a star associated with wellbeing and good luck, will have a good encounter with retrograde Saturn associated with stability. This will influence you to induce a strong desire to commit to achieving emotional balance.

To this end, and with the waning moon approaching, you will emerge from useless tensions and make the necessary adjustments so that your life becomes more complete. In addition, this mentioned combination allows you to get out of karmic patterns and create more positive ones.

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Today the universe gives you the opportunity to spend a calmer day. This is due to the strong influence of Saturn retrograde and Venus noticing that your thoughts, mental attitude and even your way of communicating have reached a good level of stability and maturity.

In addition, it will increase your sense of order and help you organize your life better, benefiting from your efforts and knowing that you must finish the last quarter phase of the moon that is beginning very soon. All of these events will make your perception very sharp and your critical sense very alert.

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Today Venus will combine its energies with Saturn retrograde to allow you to be realistic but not negative or distant in all your working relationships and with those who share your daily routine. The network of energy that the above stars form will bring you greater responsibility and maturity.

In this way you will be more careful with those around you and it is very important that you do not stop expressing appreciation and respect for them as this will make all the difference to not be so cold. In addition, the above influence will bring into your life stable people who will fill you with harmony.

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Saturn will also favor you on its retrograde path in its encounter with Venus as it continues through your sign. The above stars will improve your perception, allowing you to see exactly what is going wrong in some situations and know better than ever what decisions need to be corrected in your economy.

Here I suggest you take advantage of this good moment that the universe is giving you to learn to see the results of your past efforts and better plan your immediate future. Remember that this fall you are one of the signs who will be the happiest of the season.

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In general, after the full moon you feel more melancholic, your heart becomes more vulnerable because you get memories of the past and of people who are no longer by your side. However, today you will be able to see all this in a different way, instead of noticing its absence.

Accordingly, you can focus on all the beautiful things you experienced with them and the beautiful learning they left you. You achieve this because of the good combination of the energies of Venus, which represents your inclinations, and Saturn, a planet associated with the memory and heritage of your ancestors.

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Venus represents the stellar forces that affect your emotions. Today she will combine her energy with Saturn to allow you to have clearer mind and feelings, gain more stability and be more serious and practical in all your intimate relationships, associations and friendships.

You’ll find that everything is going right, without much fuss, but alright. You can also evaluate how much effort you have put into your relationships and see what results you have had, thus evaluating which ones to end or with whom you should continue living happier and in harmony.

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Since the great energy of Saturn retrograde passing through Aquarius influences your finances according to your horoscope, you are quite focused on organizing your agenda and business meetings. Added to these vibrations today is the influence of Venus.

This will help you create more stability and balance the relationship between your finances and your job prospects, between the salary you receive and your CV, as you have often found that your efforts and the money received are out of proportion. To that end, see what you can fix to keep them both in sync.

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As Saturn retrograde continues its transit through your sign, today it will cross Venus in a favorable manner, giving you a great deal of emotional stability. This inner calm makes you understand that only you can achieve it and that there is no need to ask others to act and show the love they have for you all the time.

Remember, this is an excellent time for you to get to know yourself better, understand yourself and redefine yourself. To that end, you look for new values ​​and different beliefs that will lead you to renew yourself internally and continue the week with more joy and improved attitude.

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The combination of energies that Venus and Saturn will make today will be responsible for giving you stability and emotional maturity. You will feel this in that you will be able to see the reality of your entire sentimental life, embrace the flaws and thus be concrete in the relationship you wish to build.

In addition, this experience will help you not to have false illusions and fill yourself with fantasies about romantic relationships and glass castles that can easily collapse. By harnessing the planetary vibration mentioned above, your stability can attract people who also want a committed relationship.

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