Horóscopo de Josie Diez Canseco de hoy: 12 de octubre del 2022

Find out what to expect Sign today 12.10.2022 with the best predictions Josie Diez Canseco. you will miss that Horoscope today? Discover what destiny has in store for you together with our beloved announcer.

ARIES: Today is a new project day, you’re pretty excited about something you want to put out and it’s going to come out. Those who have a partner, good news for both of you and if you are planning a trip, it will come true. Those who do not have a partner illustrate a situation that is a bit moody and you need to be careful because you need to have enough empathy to understand this character because he has suffered a lot in the past.
Your lucky number: 1
Your keyword: attraction
Her lucky color: gold


BULL: Today is a day to think things over and not be impulsive about your spending because you might regret it. Those who have a partner, moments of significant instability, you are a little indifferent to your partner and this bothers you a lot. Those who don’t have a partner seem to have someone to love and this is your opportunity to fall in love again.
Your lucky number: 10
Her keyword: change
Your lucky color: orange

TWINS: Unexpected changes at work that torment you but you just have to trust because in this change you see the dark becomes light and something very positive for you. Your partner will give you the security and stability you need, just be patient with them as they will be a bit moody. Those who do not have a partner are waiting for a call from someone who will come any moment, so do not despair.
Your lucky number: 4
Your keyword: control
Your lucky color: silver

CANCER: Good news regarding this new job you are about to start. Those who have a partner, use your intuition and stay away from gossip that destroys your relationship. Those who have a partner, this person insists on you and makes you notice them, you will not regret it.
Your lucky number: 19
Your keyword: success
Her lucky color: gold

LION: Think carefully before making hasty decisions, otherwise you will regret it. Your partner expects this reaction from you and will have it, so be careful. Today, for those who don’t have a partner, everything falls under their own weight and after all, this person is destined to talk to you about how they are feeling.
Your lucky number: 2
Her keyword: intuition
Your lucky color: orange


VIRGIN: Good news thanks to your efforts and the economic results are good. Those who have a partner do not act selfishly with their partner and tell them what is bothering them. Those who do not have a partner, that person will reappear but you are upset and he will repentantly reappear and tell you.
Your lucky number: 3
Her keyword: patience
Your lucky color: light green

LB: A lot more work than you thought but you will be able to handle it. Your partner today is sensitive and very affectionate. Those who don’t have a partner, the person you like will reappear and you will be the center of attention.
Your lucky number: 21
Your keyword: Realization
Her lucky color: yellow

SCORPIO: Finally you have a communication with this person and a good negotiation to work as a team. Those who have a partner, a wake-up call to help you improve and connect with your relationship more. Those who do not have a partner, that person from the past returns very penitently.
Your lucky number: 20
Your keyword: communication
Your lucky color: blue

SAGITTARIUS: You get that money back and invest it again. Those who have a partner avoid unnecessary discussions with the loved one about third parties. Those who do not have a partner recover within themselves and choose to take a risk in love.
Your lucky number: 6
Her keyword: balance
Her lucky color: purple


CAPRICORN: Today you have an important conversation about money being paid to you. Those who have a partner, continue to have misunderstandings, and your partner is very resentful to you, clarify the situation. Those who do not have a partner are looking for a person who comes from the outside, again and with good intentions.
Your lucky number: 7
Her keyword: balance
Your lucky color: red

AQUARIUM: Today you contract for a trip that you want to complete and you do it successfully. If you have a partner, beware of temptation, think carefully about what you want to do. Those who don’t have a partner analyze what you want with that person before committing to something you’re unsure about
Your lucky number: 2
Your keyword: analysis
Your lucky color: blue

FISHES: A new professional start for you that will make you shine and grow. Those who have a partner put misunderstandings behind and manage to move forward in your relationship. Those who don’t have a partner seek balance, trust in love again, and surround themselves with the people they seek to break out of this routine.
Your lucky number: 17
Her keyword: hope
Her lucky color: turquoise

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Josie Diez Canseco is a tarot reader, esotericist, astrologer and coach internationally recognized for her accurate predictions. Every day, starting at 9 a.m., he presents the horoscope to us.

She is the speaker and part of the team of Radio Ritmo Romántica, the ballad radio since 1999.


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