Media. Why our newspaper is changing its logo

Ebra changes his identity. Why and especially why now?

Pascal Brouet: “With the arrival of Philippe Carli as President of the EBRA Group in 2017, we initiated major changes to adapt our processes, our organizations and our offers to new uses and forms of information consumption. This first strategic ambition, christened “Season 1”, has allowed us, thanks to significant efforts from all employees, to build a group spirit and to achieve positive results across the group for the first time in many years.

“With “Season 2” and beyond the strategic axes 2022/2025 and economic issues, we wanted to acknowledge our role in society more broadly. We want to give more meaning to our actions and look to the future, taking into account the new concerns of our readers, advertisers, partners, employees or candidates for recruitment. That is why we have given ourselves a raison d’être, the real leitmotif of our actions in the years to come, in order to gain vigor, coherence and modernity: “Act to strengthen the ties of proximity and trust between our regions”

To do this, we started from an observation: the world around us tends to digitize us and distance us. We are in an opposition society with a strong distrust of the media. We must therefore restore trust and unity in our territories in order to restore the desire to work together.

“So, at this stage, we wanted to change our visual identity to convey our new ambition and coherence. This must carry the notions of group, connection and modernity. These terms are implemented in the new logos of our star brands, press titles, but also those of the subsidiaries and mark the beginning of an exciting new chapter. »

The logos of the group’s press titles are historic. Aren’t you risking your regional identity?

Stella De Vivo: “No, and moreover, in the redesign of our logos you will find the original identity of the title. It seemed important to us to preserve the strong identities and the regional dimension of our newspapers, some of which are over 150 years old, and simply to introduce elements of corporate affiliation and modernity.

“To further develop this regional dimension, we have also selected, with the local teams, positions specific to each of them, closely linked and drawn from their history and geography.

“In order to concretely bring these positions to life, the newspapers produce content or services related to their specificities, but also part of a common base that must above all serve the locals and face the challenges of the territory.

“Some brands radically change their logo to mark a break, on the contrary we wanted to achieve a form of continuity by introducing more contemporary graphic elements. Our readers remain connected to the content and the role we play in their daily lives, but they are changing and we must evolve with them.”

Why did you want to show Ebra next to press titles?

SDV: “As Pascal mentioned, we have structured the group’s activities and implemented strong synergies since the arrival of Philippe Carli. Today we share a common set of values, regardless of the industry or newspaper we work in. This frame of reference, which guides our daily actions, allows us to be stronger together. Thus, the logo of the group, linked to that of the title, brings to the latter this power and these shared values ​​of excellence or innovation of the group.

“Conversely, the history of our newspapers, their expertise, their unique know-how contribute to the image and reputation of the group. As you understood, the goal is quite simply to circulate value between our brands, not only to keep our readers, advertisers and partners, but also to conquer new destinations or new markets.”

The Ebra Group belongs to Crédit Mutuel
It is the leading French press group with almost a million copies distributed and 15 million unique visitors every day across all its sites. His regional daily press titles (L’Est Républicain, Le Républicain Lorrain, L’Alsace, Vosges Matin, Latest News from Alsace, Le Journal de Saône-et-Loire, Le Bien Public, Le Progrès, Le Dauphiné Libéré, Vaucluse Matin) offer almost 1,400 journalists comprehensive reporting on local and regional information and also national and international.

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