Luis Miguel and the unusual war between his ex and his supposed fiancee

Luis Miguel in concert in Las Vegas in 2019

Luis Miguel, the king of silence about his private life (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Luis Miguel usually has a steel fence around his closest relationships. El Sol de México’s friends, partners, allies, lawyers and even sons and brothers Alejandro Bastieri and Sergio Gallego have more than shut their mouths when it comes to his life.

The Mexican artist also put this fence around his loved ones and it almost always worked. Currently, the few exceptions to Luis Miguel’s girlfriends who have spoken include his ex-partner, Argentine Mercedes Villador, and his alleged fiancee, Spain’s Paloma Cuevas.

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It was a daunting task for the tabloids to reliably report on Luis Miguel’s romances. Most of his ex-boyfriends – who he usually leaves heartbroken – have kept their secrets from him. Even the most Psychic like Myrka Dellanos and those who would have more reasons to talk like Aracely Arámbula are an example of discretion when it comes to their coexistence.

The first to break the fence of silence was Venezuelan Desiree Ortiz Salswach, who not only posted photos with the Mexican singer on her social networks, but also made statements about Luis Miguel while they were together and even a cover all rolled into one famous magazine reached. Shows and high society to talk about the relationship.

Next was American showgirl Molly Gould, with whom he spent almost three years, until El Sol came to Argentina to begin an affair with model Mercedes Villador, which like most remained hermetic until rumors surfaced that things very had become serious between the artist and his closest partner.

The defiance of Mercedes Villador

When there was speculation in Spain about an alleged romance between El Sol de México and Spanish businesswoman and fashion designer Paloma Cuevas, nobody suspected that Argentina had made history. It was a surprising change of partners that was only understood later.

An investigation worthy of an FBI agent revealed that Villador and Luis Miguel’s relationship ended when the divorce between Cuevas and her ex-husband, bullfighter Enrique Ponce, who was also one of the singer’s best friends, was finalized .

In fact, Cuevas and Ponce are the godparents at the baptism of Miguel, the eldest son of Luis Miguel and Aracely Arámbula.

Enrique Ponce and Paloma Cuevas in happier times in 2016

Enrique Ponce and Paloma Cuevas in happier times (Image: Samuel de Roman/WireImage)

Argentina has not said a word about the split or the rumors surrounding Luis Miguel’s new wife. However, when there was talk of a marriage bond, Mercedes Villador could no longer hold back and the war waged on social media is unusual.

Not because there weren’t any others. Legendary battles have been fought over Instagram messages and photos, tweets and Facebook posts. The extraordinary and surprising thing about this showdown is that firstly it is about this artist and secondly it is fought between strong and self-confident women. It must be that the sun left them so burnt.

Paloma Cuevas shoots to kill

Like every time Luis Miguel has a new girlfriend, the news that he was dating the elegant Paloma Cuevas and would even have marriage intentions caused a huge explosion on the networks with fights in the comments of those who supported the romance Spaniards and those who considered Villador their idol’s best companion.

Cuevas must have eventually grown weary of the attacks and commented in a suspicious “bug” from his account on the networks:

“But what an explanation when her ex-husband (Ponce) has been with a baby for years! LM gave the ring to Paloma, I can confirm it because I know, but she still hasn’t said yes. All of us friends knew it was always platonic love and now it’s free. I’m sorry Mercedes, that ring wasn’t for you.”

Then he seemed to regret it and deleted the message, but fingerprints, as has been proven a million times, cannot be removed.

Since then, the insults have not stopped

Villador wasted no time in responding with a screenshot of Cuevas’ text on his Instagram “Stories,” to which he added the following words: “If the donkey makes a mistake and writes from his own account that he’s attacking me.” , “The Great Lady”. , “Even if you delete your comments, there are already videos and photos, what are you going to invent now? What poor thing, did they hack you? Your mask falls off.”

Argentina knows PR strategies well, having not finished publishing her op-ed when Cuevas’ advertising agency assured that someone “represented her identity”.

“From Rmedios Marketing, as Paloma Cuevas’ communications team, we would like to inform you that Paola’s profile has been the victim of a Identity theft and manipulationto pretend that supposed comments and ratings come from an account fake have been since your profile, point this out it is absolutely wrong. This situation has already been placed in the hands of our lawyers to eliminate responsibilities.

That was all in September and things seemed to have calmed down, at least publicly. Neither Cuevas nor Luis Miguel have confirmed the relationship, which in the designer’s case would be a clear sign that it’s all true, as Cuevas is one of the Spanish high society figures that Hello! like a mixture of confessional and news agency.

The only thing he explained to the magazine on the subject was the classic. “I don’t want to talk about my personal life. We must bid the time to do the work of the journalist who does not spread rumours, but truths; the one who has patience and is not in a hurry. The one who always ends up telling the truth.”

That also bothered Mercedes Villador, who shot another poison arrow into the net.

“Lady, they left you because they couldn’t stand you anymore. They chose me to be there and I was 100%. Stop being so cowardly, it’s already very obvious.”

If this is all down to rumors, we’ll have to see what happens between Cuevas and Villador if it’s confirmed that the Spaniard will be the first wife of Luis Miguel, who never reached the altar despite their long love story. Well, the good news for the fans is that in 2023 it seems that there is a new Luis Miguel concert tour coming up and you need to prepare for it.


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