Here the gas stations in the Var are partially or completely empty this Thursday afternoon

Motorists wait near the refueled Var gas stations. It’s not easy to refuel on this Thursday morning either.

According to Emmanuel Macron, a return to normality is planned “in the next week”. While for Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire TotalEnergies “Have to raise wages”.

According to the website, 1,763 train stations in France are partially out of service and 2,443 out of the 11,000 in the country.

We’ll take stock this Thursday, October 13 at 12 noon at the Var.

Partially out of order

Of the department’s 135 stations, 41 are partially out of service.

Leclerc in Montauroux: more sp98, diesel+ and e85.
Casino in Saint-Raphael: more diesel, sp98, sp95 and e10.
Avia in Fréjus: more sp98 and e10.
Total Access in Sainte-Maxime: more Diesel+ and Diesel.
Avia in Gassin: more sp98.
Leclerc in Cogolin: more sp98 and gpl
Carrefour in Trans-en-Provence: more than e10, sp98 and sp95
Casino in Lorgues: more than e85, sp98, sp95 and e10.
Independent station in Salernes: more sp95, e10 and sp98.
Intermarché in Salernes: more than e85, sp95, e10 and sp98.
Total Access in Cannet-des-Maures: more sp98, Diesel, Diesel+ and e10.
Full access to Luc: more Diesel+ and sp98.
Leclerc au Luc: more than e10, sp95, diesel and e85.
Total in Ramatuelle: more sp98, e10, diesel and LPG.
Total Access in La Croix-Valmer: more Diesel+ and Diesel.
Carrefour market in Luc: more than e10, e85 and sp95
Intermarché in La Londe: no more gpl and sp98.
Leclerc in Hyères: more than e85, sp95, sp98, e10, gpl and diesel+.
Géant Casino in Hyères: more than sp95 and sp98.
Net at La Garde: more sp98, e10 and Diesel+.
K9 at La Garde: more than e10 and sp98.
Avia at La Crau: more than e10, sp98 and e85.
Top price in La Crau: more diesel.
Carrefour market in La Crau: more than sp98.
Total Access in Valletta: via e10, gpl, sp95, sp98 and e85.
Esso in Valletta: more diesel+, sp98 and e85.
K9 at La Farlède: more sp98, sp95 and e10.
K9 in Solliès-Ville: more than e85, sp98, e10 and Diesel+.
Casino in Solliès-Pont: more diesel, e10, sp95, sp98 and Diesel+.
Intermarché in Toulon: more sp98, e10, sp95 and diesel.
Total Access (Relay Rode Ouest) in Toulon: more Diesel+ and SP95.
Total Access (Vignelongue relay) at La Seyne-sur-Mer: more than e10, sp98, sp95 and Diesel+.
Leclerc in La Seyne-sur-Mer: more diesel+, sp98, e10, gpl and e85.
Casino in Saint-Cyr: more diesel and sp95.
Overall in Forcalqueiret: more sp98, diesel and diesel+.
Intermarché in Brignoles: more than e10, sp95, sp98, e85.
Intermarché in Carcès: more e101, e85 and sp95.
Total Access in Saint-Maximin: more sp98, diesel+, gpl, e10 and diesel.
Avia in Saint-Maximin: more diesel+, sp95, sp98, e10 and e85.
System U in Saint-Zacharie: more Diesel+, Diesel and SP98.
Esso Express in Auriol: more than e10 and e85.

Stations in total rupture

42 stations are sold out.

Casino in Frejus
Total access in Roquebrune-sur-Argens
Avia in Gassin
System U at Les Arcs
Underground system in Les Arcs-sur-Argens
Intermarché in Vidauban
Intermarché in Cannet-des-Maures
Avia in Cavalaire
Total access in Bormes-les-Mimosas
Total (Hyères beach scale) in Hyères
Casino in Hyeres
Independent train station (Saint-Hilaire) in Hyères
Esso Express in Le Pradet
Intermarché in La Garde
Carrefour contact in La Garde
Casino in Cuers
Total in Cuers
Total Access (La Port 1) in Toulon
BP in Toulon
Total (Chmaps relay from Mars) in Toulon
Total (Foch relay) in Toulon
Casino in Toulon
Junction at Ollioules
Total Access in Ollioules
Avia in Ollioules
Avia at La Seyne sur Mer
Intermarché in La Seyne-sur-Mer
Leclerc (Les Sablettes) in La Seyne sur Mer
Total (Sablettes relay) at La Seyne-sur-Mer
Casino in La Seyne sur Mer
Auchan in La Seyne sur Mer
A total of six fours
Casino at Six Fours
Intermarché Contat in Six-Fours
Carrefour Market in Six-Fours
Full access in Sanary
Overall at Beausset
Beausset Casino
Total in Saint-Cyr
Avia at signs
Total in Rocbaron
Avia in Cotignac

Note that the website only lists stations that are partially or totally out of service. The others have all fuels a priori.

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