Gasoline shortage: stocks, requisitions, negotiations… how is the situation this Thursday morning?

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At TotalEnergies, the situation continues to stand still. At ExxonMobil, the first employees were requested in a refinery. Emmanuel Macron promises a return to normality next week.

Looking for an open gas station, saving kilometers, fearing the blow of a breakdown: this has been the everyday life of millions of French drivers for a few days. And it will continue for a few more days. Let’s take stock this Thursday morning.

How many gas stations are in trouble?

30.8% of gas stations in France are short of at least one fuel, according to a statement from the Ministry of Energy Transition at 5 p.m. on Wednesday. Hauts-de-France and Ile-de-France remain the most affected regions. The situation of each station evolves throughout the day according to the deliveries of tankers, the rush of motorists and the stocks of the underground tanks reduced to zero.

Where are our departments?

Our region was less affected by the shortage than northern France. The situation has become more complicated since the middle of the week. 40% of the petrol stations in Hautes-Pyrénées were in trouble on Wednesday afternoon. Eleven train stations in the Lot were completely closed on Wednesday morning. The official website prix-carburants.gouv.frand and the many specialized applications will help you to find petrol stations that are still open, provided they are regularly updated. Also remember to consult the department pages on

Do professions have priority access?

At least ten departments have set up a priority office for priority professions (rescue, blood donation, prison guards, etc.). Four resorts in the Haute-Garonne:

  • Leclerc Saint Orens
  • Leclerc Rouffiac Tolosans
  • Leclerc Villemur sur Tarn
  • Leclerc Estancarbon

Nine stations are requisitioned in the Tarn and closed to the public in the morning:

  • Carrefour contact in Alban
  • Leclerc Portes d’Albi in Albi
  • Auchan in Aussillon
  • Total in Carmaux
  • Leclerc Siala in Castres
  • Intermarché in Gaillac
  • Carrefour market in Lacaune
  • Intermarché in Lavaur
  • Total (echelon Portes du Tarn) in Saint-Sulpice

What is the situation at TotalEnergies?

The striking workers at TotalEnergies “categorically” refused to resume fuel deliveries as of 5am Thursday morning. Management had set this condition in order to start collective bargaining at 8 a.m. “This is a massive categorical refusal, the workers do not want this claim to be negotiated,” explains Thierry Defresne, CGT secretary of the TotalEnergies Europe committee.

How many refineries are required?

The government has issued the first requirements to the ExxonMobil Port-Jérôme/Notre-Dame-de-Gravenchon (Seine-Maritime) refinery. Two employees were requested on Wednesday evening, with two more this Thursday, to facilitate the transport of fuel by pipeline to the Paris region. An upcoming requirement will affect TotalEnergies’ Flemish depot near Dunkirk. Six of the seven refineries in France are currently on strike.

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How are the unions reacting?

Philippe Martinez, chairman of the CGT, which supported ExxonMobil employees, condemned a “scandalous decision” and announced later today that an injunction would be filed to oppose it.

What does Emmanuel Macron think?

In an interview, Emmanuel Macron announced a return to normality in the distribution of fuel “over the course of the coming week”. France 2 On Wednesday evening, the management of TotalEnergies and the CGT also called for “responsibility”.

? Blockages in refineries

@Emmanuel Macron calls for “the responsibility of the managers of these companies and their employees and the unions that represent them” #Levent

— The Event (@LevenementFTV) October 12, 2022

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