Bray Wyatt and his viral return to WWE as the White Rabbit

Bray Wyatt takes on John Cena in 2014.  (Jonathan Bachman/AP Images for WWE)

Bray Wyatt takes on John Cena in 2014. (Jonathan Bachman/AP Images for WWE)

Bray Wyattone of characters plus Expectations of wrestling In the last decade he returned to the WWE. After the deduction of The Undertakerwas called to be supernatural gladiator most important of business. It even became one monster to do it. To 17 months absenceI’ll come back to that company to try to fulfill the order.

Wyatt he was fired in late July 2021. Nobody imagined it. Lucía as a relevant piece in the sports and entertainment. had endured three reigns What ultimate champion of the organizer. With the gap that the so-called dead manwho proved his credibility after a fight 2015prioritize the fear and the mental games like no other in the template.

He reinvented himself through a mask he made with him Jason Bakerthe designer of Expensive from Corey Taylorsinger from slip knotY the bird of prey in the movie the black phone. It grew to be successful under the name The devil, a portent of darkness. end of 2019, His wares sold more than any other fighter’s. couldn’t fill it expectations of the emporium

budget cuts at the height of the pandemic COVID-19 They blew up their exit. That was the point WWE defended during the same period, by the dispensed with more than 100 elements. The difference is this Wyatt He demanded more than the others. Dave Meltzerjournalist from Wrestling Observer Newsletterassured that he earned about four million dollars a year.

He was it third highest paid athlete of the squad. But he hadn’t appeared on the schedule since April of last year after losing to a veteran Randy Orton in wrestlemaniathe industry’s most prestigious annual event. combativeMedium specializes in martial artsHe pointed out that his relationship to Vince McMahon was complicated because the former boss criticized his fitness.

In short, the podcast The dirty sheets found that he was suffering depression because of the loss of one of his closest friends: the gladiator Luke Harper. Both shared the strings as a team. harpersowned by the competitor All Elite Wrestling (AEW)passed away on December 26, 2020 due to difficulties arising from a pulmonary fibrosis.

During the time that he was not competing in the ring, he received a Suggestion from Freddie Prinze Jr. That actor of Hollywood and former screenwriter of the WWEwho wants to start his own wrestling show 2023, revealed that he contacted him by accepting him into their ranks. He wanted to position it as his main character in front of the cameras and hand over the reins to structure them stories count on the project.

Everyone knows I love Bray. In the past they have reported that I made him an offer. Yes I can confirm that. It was more of a creative suggestion as I can’t keep up financially WWE. I brought other aspects into play that I think are important Scream. The weeks are going by and I don’t think I’ll close the deal. Let’s see what happens, you never know,” he revealed on the podcast. wrestling with Freddie.

Negotiations between the two failed. Wyatt finally returned WWE. He planned his reentry in detail. worked hand in hand Rob Fairyformer screenwriter of Wonder and from horror movies who now works for him sporting consortium. He hid behind a row of QR codeswith hidden information shown on TV programs.

messages on morse code Y HTML, hidden coordinatesfragments of The Divine Comedy from Dante Alighieri. Viewers quickly figured out what he was background; They discovered that all signs pointed to him. It was presented at the end of the event Extreme Ruleswith a new one character: The white rabbit. The segment collects more than 10 million views in social networks.

With Triple H At the top of the promotion, he will look to reclaim the limelight he used to enjoy. It will try to undo the mistakes that buried its progress. Without Vince McMahon he will finally be able to assert himself as the next big face of fear in the sports spectacle? Bray Wyatt He got a second chance to prove it.


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