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Both on the road and on the race track, the BMW M 1000 R was designed and built for a super sporty driving experience

October 12, 2022

Dtwo numbers to frame the BMW M 1000 R right away: 210 horses and 199 kg. An impressive power-to-weight ratio for a roadster that promises fun beyond the limits of most drivers.

The water-cooled 4-cylinder in-line engine is based on the engine of the S 1000 RR. The maximum output is 154 kW (210 hp) at 13,750 rpm and outperforms the S 1000 R by 33 kW (45 hp). The maximum torque reaches 113 Nm at 11,000 rpm. For more traction, the secondary ratio is shorter thanks to the use of a 47-tooth sprocket (S 1000 R: 45 teeth). In addition, the fourth, fifth and sixth gear ratios are shorter.

In terms of content, but also formally new. As for the M 1000 RR, The Bavarian company also worked a lot on the aerodynamics for the MR. That Winglet in the front area of ​​the sides Thanks to the generated aerodynamic downforce, they ensure an increase in the front wheel load of 11 kg at 220 km/h.

The frame is aluminum, the fork is upside down with a diameter of 45 mm with closed cartridges and it’s all black. The handlebars of the MR are made of black aluminum with a wider design than previously on the S 1000 R and with the laser-engraved “BMW M 1000 R” lettering. Another new element of the MR is the adjustable steering damper.

The MR features M brakes with blue anodized calipers and the famous M logo. The system features a new radial master cylinder for the front brake and The brake discs are 320 mm. The rims are made of forged aluminum. The exclusive M carbon rims with newly designed rim strips are available as part of the M Competition Package.

noSuccess in electronics with the introduction of the braking sliding assistant This allows the driver to use drift control to brake when entering a corner. The instrument panel is also new 6.5 inch TFT display with new tachometer display (red area) and OBD interface for M GPS data logger and M GPS lap trigger can be used with an activation code.

As for the M 1000 RR, the M Competition Package is also available for the M 1000 R In addition to the Black Storm metallic / M Motorsport color scheme, the M Competition Package offers M carbon rims, M footrests for the driver, M carbon components such as rear wheel covers and chain guards, front wheel covers and tank covers. the airbox cover with tapes, the windscreen, the sprocket cover, the M package for the passenger and the milled and fully adjustable M footrest system.

Highlights of the new BMW M 1000 R

ShiftCam M RR engine with variable valve timing, with an output of 154 kW (210 hp) at 13,750 rpm and thus 33 kW (45 hp) more than the S 1000 R. Maximum torque of 113 Nm at 11,000 rpm ( S 1000 R: 114 Nm at 9,250 rpm).

– Shorter secondary ratio (sprocket with 47 teeth instead of 45).

– Shorter ratios in fourth, fifth and sixth gear.

– Optimized intake system with variable intake ports to improve gas exchange at high speeds.

– Titanium rear silencer.

– M endurance chain.

– Driving modes “Rain”, “Road”, “Dynamic”, “Race” and “Race Pro1-3”, additional Dynamic Traction Control DTC of the latest generation and Wheelie Control DTC function with 6 sensor boxes axles.

– Three adjustable throttle characteristics are now available for optimum response. “Engine Brake” with triple engine drag torque adjustment in “Race Pro” mode.

– Brake Slide Assist supports the driver when drifting.

– Shift Assistant Pro for fast climbing and climbing without using the clutch. Easy reversibility of the shift pattern for track use.

– Launch Control for perfect starts and Pit Lane Limiter to strictly respect the speed indicated in the pit lane.

– Hill Start Control Pro for comfortable uphill starts.

– M winglets and deflectors: Later braking and earlier acceleration as well as more stability at high speed through aerodynamic downforce.

– Engine spoiler.

– Upside-down fork in “All Black” design with adjustable spring preload in combination with the standard DDC.

– M-brake for the first time on a BMW Motorrad Dynamic Roadster: The MR offers maximum braking performance for country roads and racetracks.

– Forged aluminum rims.

– M carbon rims with M bands and M lettering on the rim: high-quality high-tech components offer maximum performance within the M Competition package.

– Front brake and clutch lever M.

– Adjustable steering damper.

– Milled handlebar clamp.

– Compared to the S 1000 R, wider tubular handlebars with lasered “BMW M 1000 R” lettering.

– Rear-view mirror on the handlebar.

– Headlights with illuminated M logo.

– Minimal license plate holder.

– Instrument cluster with large 6.5-inch TFT display, easy to read, start animation with M logo and OBD interface for M GPS data logger and M GPS lap trigger can be used with an activation code.

– Tachometer (red area) shown in a new design.

– Lightweight M battery, rear USB charging port, powerful LED headlights, electronic cruise control and heated grips.

– Keyless Ride in Light version (ignition only).

– M design and dynamic design language indicate next-generation roadster performance.

– M Competition Package.

– DRC as standard.

– Wide range of optional accessories.

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