Alejandro Speitzer is very much in love with his girlfriend at Maite Perroni’s wedding

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With Valle de Bravo as the backdrop, this October 8th, Maite perroni Y Andres Tovar They became husband and wife in a marriage where the common thread was love. Happy to share this feeling with their guests, the bride and groom enjoyed their wedding ceremony from start to finish, a date protected by family and friends who were responsible for making this evening a memorable one. Among the brand new participants, the presence of the bride’s friends stood out, Anahi, Angelique Boyer, Marimar Y Zuria Vega, Rossana Najera, Jessica Kochin addition to Alexander Spitzerone of Maite’s best friends who came hand in hand with his girlfriend Ana Maria Vallarta the young woman, originally from Cuernavaca, Morelos, with whom she has been dating since last July.



For the first time since the beginning of their relationship, Alejandro and Ana María attended an event as a couple. In fact, it was the actor himself who, through his Instagram account, shared a series of photos from the photo in which he is seen very happy next to his beautiful companion. Like other guests, Alex took advantage of this social network to post the most extraordinary snaps in an album that accompanied the phrase: “The happiness of knowing you’re full @Maiteperroni”She reads the actor’s feed, where he shared a lovely photo alongside the bride, with whom he is very close, as are the other celebs called to the reception.


As part of Maite’s closest circle, Alex and his girlfriend attended the two weddings that took place over the weekend. The first was a blessing that the couple received where we saw it very much elegant in a black suit with white stripes, while Ana María, his girlfriend, gave style lessons with a dress in the same tone. For the civil ceremony, which took place on Saturday afternoon, Alejandro and his girlfriend again gave style lessons, this time with more colorful outfits, while he wore a brown suit that he matched with a white shirt, while the young woman wore a cobalt blue dress , as directed by the actor himself shared, highlighting among the photos in his album a selfie in which he looks very romantic next to his girlfriend.

Although Alex Speitzer did not want to publicly reveal any details about his private life or his relationship with Ana María Vallarta, the couple has already separated several times. It all started last summer when they traveled to the Port of Acapulco with a group of friends. There, the couple posed for the first time in a photo that quickly went viral on Instagram as it was the first indication that the Galante had found love again in this young woman, about whom very little was known at the time. With this first clue, Speitzer’s fans learned the first and last name of his new girlfriend, who is a graduate Ibeoamerican University in psychology studies.


Alex is happy about her friend’s wedding

Like the other wedding guests, Alex was very excited to see Maite Andrés Tovar getting married. Days before the wedding, the actor confessed in an interview for the show None that he would be applauding the couple’s love there: “I adore them and we will be there to celebrate them. Maite is one of my best friends, she will do very well in life, I know she deserves it,” he explained. Due to the emotions he expressed days before the wedding, during the event Alejandro did not miss the opportunity to pose with the newlyweds in a photo that he published a few hours ago in his stories with the phrase: “Celebrating the love of this couple”. In the link, Alex was also seen enjoying himself with other of his friends like Zuria and Marimar Vega. Alberto War Y Sebastian Rulli Speitzer’s publication commented: “Pure good vibes and love for our dear Maite.”

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