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A new chapter of Telenovela “Unfaithful” (Turkish title: “Sadakatsiz”) premiered on October 9th. Thus, the production, which has already ended since the Antena 3 signal, brought crucial revelations about the protagonists of the story.

In this sense, after the events of the previous episodes, we became witnesses to the ill-fated attempted suicide of derin. Happily, Asja He was there to prevent tragedy.

Would you like to know more about this delivery? Here are 5 things that happened Sunday 9 October 2022 on the Turkish Soap Opera “Unfaithful”transmitted through during the chapter Antenna 3 in Spain.


1. Derin out of her mind

To volcano was arrested after being accused of robbery gonul, derin he confronts her to defend him. His mother then asks him to reconsider because the man is still in love with her your ex. The young woman does not understand her and leaves the place.

In her car, she calls desperately Asja and makes a tragic announcement: he will end his life on the cliff where they both had an accident.

Derin from the head (Photo: Medyapim)
Derin from the head (Photo: Medyapim)

2. Volkan pleads not guilty

Secondly, volcano faces the accusations of the mother derin, who denounced him for stealing his family’s property. Despite the evidence against him, he states that this is false.

He also asks her to ask questions derin about it, since she is convinced of his innocence. The father of Ali Little does he know that his wife is going through one of her most difficult times.

Volkan pleads not guilty (Photo: Medyapim)
Volkan pleads not guilty (Photo: Medyapim)

3. Asya stops Derin from committing suicide

recognize condition derin, Asja go to the cliff There is the woman from volcano She gets very nervous and asks the doctor to go away. The young woman immediately declares her intention to end her life.

after listening to her Asja try to distract them by mentioning them Zeynep, meaning he can take her hand, pull her, and avoid the tragedy. However, when both left the side, derin gets into a state of confusion when seeing onur and try to jump again.

against that Asja lets them react: “You have to live for your daughter and for yourself”.

Asya prevents Derin from committing suicide (Photo: Medyapim)
Asya prevents Derin from committing suicide (Photo: Medyapim)

4. Gönül and Asya declare peace

gonul finds out about this situation and is devastated when he finds out derin She is committed to a psychiatric center. However thanks Asja for saving his daughter’s life for the second time.

The doctor tells her that she only did what her heart told her to do. So the mother of derin regret the day that volcano He entered her life and promises that he will stay in prison to pay for his crimes. Immediately both women reconcile and declare peace.

Gönül and Asya declare peace (Photo: Medyapim)
Gönül and Asya declare peace (Photo: Medyapim)

5. Volkan goes to prison

Finally, volcano maintains the version of his innocence. Therefore when visiting Asja In the dungeon he asks you to help him find it derin so that you can testify in your favour.

It is at that moment that he discovers the unfortunate events that have led to his wife ending up in a specialist clinic. volcanoin this way he accepts his fate and goes to prison. Will he be able to solve his legal problems? We will find out in the latest installments of Ottoman production.

Volkan goes to prison (Photo: Medyapim)
Volkan goes to prison (Photo: Medyapim)


Turkish soap operaUnfaithful‘ That’s what it looks like every Sunday, above Antenna 3 in Spain. After the premiere of “Family Secrets”now his schedule is up 11:30 p.m

You also have the opportunity to watch the last deliveries of production from the platform Atresplayer Premium. All you need is a subscription to enjoy the telenovela’s episodes, exclusive previews and additional material.

Cansu Dere as Asya in
Cansu Dere as Asya in Unfaithful (Photo: Medyapim)


Ottoman fiction broadcasts its latest episodes via Antena 3, which is why the Atresmedia network saw fit to premiere the drama “Family Secrets”, which is why “Sadakatsiz” gets a new slot.

This series brings the famous Turkish production to late-night programming from Sunday 9 October; that is, after “Family Secrets,” which airs from 10:00 p.m.



Unlike Asya and Volkan, whom he formed in “Sadakatsiz” with his character Ali, in real life the teenager Alp Akar lives with his parents, who are in a stable marriage.

The teenager grew up in a simple, united family who, like his younger brother, instilled in him the importance of values ​​and study and supported him in his acting career.

Born in 2006 into a humble home in Istanbul, Akar started in the world of acting when he was just three years old. In 2009 he was part of the cast of series Canım Ailem and after a while he starred in Ezel where he also starred alongside Cansu Dere, the actress who is his mother in the series Unfaithful.


  • Cansu Dere – Asya Yılmaz
  • Caner Cindoruk – Volkan Arslan
  • Melis Sezen – Derin Güçlü Arslan
  • Bennu Yıldırımlar – Asya Gunalan
  • Burak Sergen – Haluk Güçlü
  • Özge Özder – Derya Samanlı
  • Yeliz Kuvanci-Bahar Gelik
  • Mahmut Gökgöz – Altan Saygıner
  • Olcay Yusufoglu – Serap Senlik
  • Gözde Seda Altuner – Gönül Güçlü
  • Nazli Bulum – Nil Tetik

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