The Ross Maria: The girl who climbed the ladder of success and is now suffering an “emotional relapse”.

La Ross María quickly caught the attention of many people for her vocal quality, her clean lyrics and because her musical proposal stood out from the many townsfolk with no real talent.

The promise of her future in urban music, however, found its first litmus test this week when it was revealed the young woman was rushed to hospital after an “emotional relapse,” but it drew plenty of support He also brought out the ruthlessness of the “haters”. from social networks that have made them a breeding ground for their worst feelings towards a person.

La Ross, as she is also known, has been the talk of the town with her song You’ll Have to Explain Me, her meteoric rise in pop music, her collaboration since networks exploded in the midst of the pandemic, with bachata star Romeo Santos , his media relationship with DJ Sammy and the loss of pregnancy.

This young girl who started freestyle, went from being an unknown to a phenomenon in the country and in different places in Latin America thanks to social networks, especially TikTok.

Born 18 years ago in Los Minas, Santo Domingo, Rosa María Pineda penetrated the public with her clean lyrics and her peculiar voice.

Thanks to her first single “You must explain to me”, which was positioned as the best debut artist by a Dominican artist on the YouTube platform, reaching more than a million views in 48 hours on YouTube.

Because of this success, he was able to get the Remix of the song with bachata star Romeo Santos. She was nominated as a female revelation in the Premio Lo Nuestro 2022.

Another song that became a hit was “My most beautiful gift”, dedicated to women, with almost 200 million views on YouTube and trending when it premiered in 16 countries.

Similarly, the song reached the Spotify Top 200 in 14 countries and the Shazam Top 200 in 9 countries.

Last year he signed with Sony Music Mexico in partnership with 829 Music Mundial LCC, his record label.

Nevertheless, Not only his music has caught the attention of the public, but also his personal life for him media romance with DJ Sammy, after ending a relationship with her former boyfriend despite being a minor.

Earlier this year, following multiple rumors on the TV show Primer Impacto, La Ross and Sammy confirmed they were indeed dating.

Despite the fact that they were shown as a couple and locked in affectionate attitudes, they both reiterated on multiple occasions that it was only a professional relationship.

Before you start an affair with the DJ the interpreter had maintained a four-year relationship with the new urban exponent Frander Martínez.

While Sammy was a couple of Instagramer Jenn Quezada and urban exponent Yailin the most viral, relationships both of which were attacked for going public with their courtship.

Both the rapper and her partner have received severe criticism on social networks, the same ones that became even stronger when the singer released the song “El Heladero”, a sharp song with ambiguous lyrics to which her fans were not accustomed.

The music producer announced this last June the young artist had lost the baby they were both expecting.

At the time, Ross María was on tour in Spain where, after two presentations, he began to feel the complications that led to his return to the Dominican Republic and the unfortunate loss of what was to become his first son.

“She had a perfect and very healthy pregnancy, so much so that the doctors gave her the green light to travel and do her tour. She left against her will for fear of loss,” Sammy said at the time.

The couple, who announced their romance in early February, were looking for their firstborn, who they say they are looking forward to and seeing a future with.

+ Current situation

Now the singer is back in public after being admitted to a health center and her caregivers saying she has one “emotional relapse”.

Her partner, Samuel Diloné Castillo, better known as DJ Sammy, released a heartfelt message early Tuesday urging people not to judge and sending strength to the young woman.

“God commanded us to love, not judge. It is a sin to judge and even more so to ignore hearts or posture. As human beings we need more empathy, wisdom, respect and most importantly love for others and more in their most difficult moments. @rossmariaofficial my love you have always been a warrior, God has blessed you greatly and wants to continue to bless you. I love you as you only know my crystal girl, your family loves and needs you, your work team loves you and your fans love you too,” the DJ said.

Hours later, her caregivers released an official statement about the girl’s situation. From the Instagram account of Kenny Jesús Beca (Super Kenny), the singer’s manager, it was explained that La Ross was taken to the hospital for anxiety control and it was there that she was diagnosed with anemia.

“The artist La Ross Maria He is currently stable after an emotional relapse due to personal matters. Ross María was taken to the hospital at that time to control her anxiety where, after a medical examination, she was diagnosed with anemia, for which she had to follow the appropriate treatment ”, announces the publication shared on Instagram with the company 829 Music.

Ross María, 18, is resting at home and following medical recommendations, his caregivers reported. The topic is still trending on social media.

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