The painful rehabilitation of Eugenio Derbez revealed by Alessandra Rosaldo

Alessandra was her husband's official spokesperson after the accident, which had him sedated for weeks (Photo: ig:@alexrosaldo)
Alessandra was her husband’s official spokesperson after the accident, which had him sedated for weeks (Photo: ig:@alexrosaldo)

Since the end of August Eugenio Derbez and his beloved family are in the spotlight because, in addition to the public concern surrounding the Mexican actor-producer’s accident, they are also concerned Various rumors arose about the circumstances in which it would have arisen.

And it is that after two weeks of speculation and without having revealed much information from Rosaldo in his first communications, Eugenio was the one who appeared in a video posted on Instagram where he confirmed it in fact, he was enjoying a virtual video game with his son Vadhir when he fell, resulting in multiple fractures in his arm.

“My son told me to play a virtual reality game, I put on the headset and I was in a multi-story building. I was standing on a little board, I tripped over something and when I stepped off that little board…” he said.

After Derbez broke his shoulder, his wife performed on the 90s Pop Tour, where he sang Las mañanitas in front of an audience (Video: 90s Pop Tour)

“What I saw in the game didn’t match what was around me, I moved my feet and walked to find some steps; It hits my elbow first and presses into the bone, breaking it. In the hospitals they told me that a lot of people arrive injured from these games, ”confirmed Victoria Ruffo’s ex-husband.

For some sections of the public, however, the statement of the creator of Family P. Luchefor soon the rumor arose that although he was with his son Vadhir, but would have been the young man faced with a beating in the middle of an argument to your father.

This is what journalist Alejandro Zúñiga explained on September 18: “Eugenio was not playing with Vadhir Virtual Reality, Vadhir was actually present the day this happened… They fought and got into fights; There was a physical fight at Derbez’s house between him and his son”, the communicator began to mention on his YouTube channel.

There is speculation that Vadhir may have caused his father's shoulder fractures (Photo: Getty Images)
There is speculation that Vadhir may have caused his father’s shoulder fractures (Photo: Getty Images)

Although he didn’t reveal his source, explaining that it was something more than confidential, he did point out the reasons why the actor allegedly participated in the Oscar nomination KODA He didn’t want to reveal anything or leave any possibility open so that everything could be broadcast, with the legal question being the main argument.

“In the United States this is very criminal, if they had contacted the authorities, Eugenio Derbez would have spent at least three days in prison or in Amparo or both, although in this case it would probably have been the one who caused the most scandal be Eugenio, like the patriarch of this family. That’s why they decided to hide the information,” the reporter added.

Eugenio Derbez was joined by his wife Alessandra Rosaldo during his last livestream session (Photo: File)
Eugenio Derbez was joined by his wife Alessandra Rosaldo during his last livestream session (Photo: File)

Now almost a month after that controversial statement on the days after was denied by Alessandra Rosaldothe Senses Opposites singer, was caught by the media at Mexico City’s airport and revealed that Eugenio had already started physical therapy, which brought on her new shoulder pain.

“The physical therapy has already started. thing it has on one side with a lot of painnew pain but also very motivated, very excited because he’s already moving, noticing changes, having a little more independence,” he explained.

Rosaldo added that her husband is stable and will take more than 3 months to fully recover.

“He starts moving his arm, he has him do different exercises, there’s one he does with pulleys to have a different mobility here (in the shoulder) and a little bit of strength, obviously the arm has been still for a long time , so there is than to strengthen it. You make him do 20 different things“, he explained.


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