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Since 2019 the President of the Republic acted to support the purchasing power of the French. This year it was time The most important. Inflation has reached a critical level. According to INSEE (National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies), the level of inflation over the past month is 5.6% over one year. A law even bears the name “Purchasing Power Protection”. In this new text, the Macron bonus hasn’t just changed its name.

In the same way, the amount has also tripled. But to whom is this help allocated? What are the conditions and what is the amount? We tell you everything in this article.

What is a bounty?

In the last three months we have often waited for this term. The government speaks in particular of the inflation premium, the Christmas bonus or even the Macron bonus. These are all Social support aimed at protecting the purchasing power of the French. That is, how do you distinguish them from each other?

Even now, most bonuses offered by the state are “extraordinary bonuses”. In addition, the real name is the inflation premium “the exceptional back-to-school bonus”. And the Christmas bonus is “the extraordinary year-end bonus”.

However, the Macron Bonus or Value Sharing Bonus (PPV) refers much more to the usual term. A bounty is an amount that the employer gives to its employees Apart from the salary of course.

What is the Macron Bonus?

you know how to do it the difference between exceptional bonuses and classic bonuses. And what does the Macron bonus consist of? First of all, the official name is no longer Macron Bonus, but PPV for Value Sharing Bonus.

This change is mentioned in articles 1 to 8 of the law of August 16, 2022 on the protection of purchasing power. As the name suggests, this measure allows the employer to do this pay a certain amount to one or more of their employees.

Subject to the applicable ceilings, the bosses are free to choose who they want to offer this support to. In anyway concern for fairnessthe employer must objectively and fairly justify the possible criteria for the granting of this subsidy.

The conditions for granting this bonus

In this section we will see who can offer this help and who can benefit from it.

Who can award the Macron Bonus?

Despite his name, it is not Emmanuel Macron who is offering you this help. As mentioned above, the state only encourages employers to offer this support. So there can be all bosses in the private sector.

However, it is not only them, the following natural or legal persons can also offer the Macron bonus :

  • Self-employed: craftsmen, merchants, farmers, liberal professions
  • mutual societies
  • associations or foundations
  • unions
  • Public Institutions of an Industrial and Commercial Kind (EPIC)
  • Public Administration Entities (EPO) – whenthey employ private sector employeesfor example regional health authorities.

Who can benefit?

So much for those who can afford it. Anyway, to whom? they can pay this premium ? For employees, they can count on the Macron bonus if they have an employment contract (CDD or CDI) or are linked to the company have the following functions:

  • Be a worker with a disability covered by an ESAT,
  • be temporary worker
  • to be an official

However, we would like to remind you that nothing obliges the employer to vGive us the Macron bonus . Service-Public’s government website clarified:

“This bonus remains optional and at the discretion of the employer”

Appointments to remember

The new version of the Macron bonus brought the Purchasing Power Law will be paid within the following periods:

From August 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022

According to the Purchasing Power Act, the payment deadline for 2022 is December 31st. But that doesn’t mean that the Macron bonus will come in 2023 is no longer available. However, there are some changes depending on the date.

From August 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023

During this period, the Macron Bonus is exempt from employer and employee social security contributions and contributions. This means exempt from CSG and CRDS. In addition, the bonus is exempt from income tax for employees earning up to 3 times the minimum wage.

From January 1, 2024

From 2024 the Macron bonus is still in force, but there are some changes. Social security contributions (CSG and CRDS) are still exempt. However, the income tax exemption does not apply. The premium is subject to income taxregardless of its amount, whether it is three times the minimum wage or not.

Macron bonus amounts

The amount of the premium is at the discretion of the bidder, however the state sets its upper limit. When it was set up in 2019, the Macron bonus was capped at €1,000. Given the inflation curves this amount has tripled.

As mentioned above, the Purchasing Power Act has not only changed the name of the premium. she The upper limit was raised to 3,000 euros. Even better for companies that signed a profit-sharing agreement in 2021, the amount is 2,000 euros.

And this between the date of signing and August 2022. From this date the value is limited to 6,000 euros. Provided, however, the number of employees in the company no more than 50 people.

For 2022, the amount is 8,000 euros

For this year it is possiblea beneficiary receives 8,000 euros. Does that surprise you? The combination of two ceilings makes it possible to reach 8,000 euros. This is possible because an employer who already paid the bonus before January 1 can pay for it again with the new tariff.

For the lucky ones, the Macron bonus is 8,000 euros (2,0000 + 6,000). In these difficult times we can say that they exist enough to boost your purchasing power.

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