Noelia is gaining more admirers on her new platform

A flirtatious woman, confident in her beauty and intelligence, is undoubtedly the famous singer and businesswoman NoeliaHe, who hasn’t neglected his fans lately, decided to move completely after his account was blocked by Instagram celebrity The new social network.

Best of all, the content that we saw in his old account, where he already had millions of followers, we can now find in his famous one too digital platformsince his absence from Instagram was announced, some of his fans immediately began to react.

In the famous app Goalwe also find accounts dedicated to Noelia, where her latest news is shared, as well as a hashtag where her followers shared their anger at not being able to see her beauty anymore.

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However, knowing the singer was about to switch platforms, some of her most devoted fans have started following her on Celebriffy. This news was shared in some media in both Mexico and the United States.

Noelia poses like a professional model | Instagram noeliaofficial

One of them was the program in particular The childby Dallas Radio, is considered the most popular radio show in Spanish in the famous Texas city, where admirers of the interpreter of “Candela” have announced live that they will follow Noelia even if they have to leave the network destination.

These strong statements about the abandonment of the famous platform could inspire other people to learn about other networks, as is the case with those owned by the beautiful businesswoman. Thousands of people have started reacting to this news.

In case of Noelia In particular, the number of followers on his account continues to grow, especially given the type of content found there, it’s perhaps even more flirty than we’ve found on Instagram.

The anger of the admirers of this beautiful Latin artist It immediately began to ring out, not only on the radio, but also on their own accounts on their respective social networks.

Instagram’s decision probably wasn’t the most successful, especially since there are other celebrities who upload even more revealing content than Noelia.

Another case similar to that of the singer is that of the rapper Kanye West, now known as Ye, whose account was blocked not only on Instagram but also on Twitter, although in his specific case it was a publication anti – Semitic made by Kim Kardashian’s ex.

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