Jennifer Lopez is facing a love crisis with Ben Affleck

Recently it was reported that the Singer Jennifer Lopez and actor Ben Affleck are facing a love crisis over unfulfilled promises that could jeopardize their marriage.

After it became known that the Hollywood couple had a heated argument, the singer’s ex apparently wants to win her back.

Everything seems to indicate that Jennifer López and Ben Affleck They have problems with their marriage that could lead to a sad breakup.

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After it was revealed that the actor had left the mansion he shared with the singer in the city of Los Angeles, suspicions grew that his fight was quite serious.

According to sources close to ‘Bennifer‘ the argument erupted over Affleck’s failure to keep his promise to quit smoking, which bothered the actress quite a bit.

And it so happens that quitting smoking is part of the prenuptial agreements between the two characters, apparently with the aim of helping Affleck overcome his tobacco addiction.

On the other hand, other aspects of the couple’s intimate life have also been revealed, which have caused disagreements.

One is the supposedly controlling nature of J Lowho is allowed to choose the clothes for the American director and producer.

According to another statement, a source close to the “Bronx Diva” assured her that she was “stressed, irritable and distant” due to the marital crisis she was going through.

And it is that it would be sad for anyone to find themselves in a crisis situation after their marriage has been solidified 20 years after their last breakup.

As expected, when word broke that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were having troubles, it came to light immediately. Alex Rodriguez being aware of the sentimental situation he was also a couple of.

Amid rumors of a marital crisis between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, Alex Rodriguez, the performer’s ex-boyfriend, sent her a heartfelt message, revealing that despite the media break, he bears no grudges against the singer.

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