A Cuban actor commits suicide after allegedly murdering his ex-partner

Cuban actor Jesús Rodríguez Vázquez, known by his stage name Jesusito Rodríguez, was found hanged in his home in Havana with his former partner Nordis Moralesthe latter allegedly the victim of femicide, reported several of their neighbors and colleagues on social networks.

“Today I feel devastated. I have just received monstrous news, the tragic death of one of my great friends, a wonderful artist and an amazing human being, from causes that have not yet been established,” singer Maureen García wrote on her wall when she broke the news. From Facebook.

“Comedian, clown, pantomime, defender of our good art. To add to the horror, his wife was found dead next to him, who shared his job as his sound engineer and was also an excellent person. It’s a tragedy,” Garcia said.

“Jesusito, the comedian of the JJ duo. My god, what news,” commented humorist Limay Blanco. “He was one of the few who helped me when I started here in Havana. How sad, how sad,” he lamented.

Among the numerous forum comments on this post, Ángeles Yaznay Rodríguez Muik, who works as a journalist at Radio Metropolitana, according to her profile on the social network, said: “Jesusito murdered his wife and then hanged himself. Very raw. High violence femicide. Why say the things he did to the girl?

And I add: “They were my neighbors and friends. Very fond of. I live in the same building. The news devastated me emotionally. I don’t understand how he had the courage to do something like that.”

When asked about the identity of the deceased along with the actor, he assured: “Her name was Nordis Morales.”

Despite the fact that more and more evidence of sexist crimes is coming to light in Cuba, the official media and the authorities do not refer to the problemhence it is the independent media, feminist activism and social networks that are to blame.

The number of femicides in Cuba is rising, which feminist activists attribute to the “weak network of family and community support” as many cases of sexist violence go unreported.

In the first half of 2022 alone, 24 women died violently, there were four attempted assaults and one assisted murder was provenaccording to the independent platform Yo Sí Te Creo in Cuba, which, together with other organizations, collects this data in the absence of an official count.

Cuban activists have pointed to “the naturalization of violence prior to femicide, not only institutionally but also in the family and community.”

Many women manage to break out of this cycle of violence, but others “are killed because something or all institutions, families and communities are failing,” lamented sources from the group cited by EFE.

The median age of victims of femicides in Cuba was 29.6 years, while in the first six months of 2021 it was 36.9 years, according to data from feminist platforms compiled by EFE. At least 43.7% of women were murdered by their current partner and 37.5% were left orphaned.

The government of Cuba does not publish figures on sexist violence. The most recent data on this topic comes from a 2016 national gender equality survey, which surveyed 10,698 women.

The survey shows that 26.7% of Cuban women between the ages of 15 and 74 said they had suffered some type of intimate partner violence in the 12 months prior to the study, and that only 3.7% of those assaulted sought institutional help .

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