15 gift ideas for less than 50 euros

Amazon is at it again Prime Day of Fallalso known as’Exclusive Prime offers“. This event allows you to find interesting offers not only for yourself, but also for others.

You have to buy one gift for your better half, for a friend or for a colleague? Today it is cheaper thanks to the promotions available Amazon, which have significantly reduced the prices of many products. The event has started yesterdayand it will end this evening at 23.59so no time to lose.

Whether it’s a birthday, graduation or a special occasion, it doesn’t matter: come on Amazon find everything you need to amaze the recipient. You definitely need a bit of imagination and getting to know the person you’re buying the gift for, but then Amazon will take care of the rest.

However, navigating the ecommerce site is not easy as there are numerous offers very different from each other. To try to help you with this complex and extensive research, the editors of money.it decided to report you 15 products deemed appropriate for a gift to a loved one.

It’s important to remember that the Exclusive Prime offers are reserved for subscribers Amazon Prime. For those who do not want to subscribe, it is possible to take advantage 30 days free trialat the end of which the subscription is automatically activated, which incurs a fee of 4.99 euros per month or 49.90 euros per year. The latter can be canceled at any time.

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Amazon Prime Day in autumn: The best gift ideas under €50

Giving is never easy: because of the busy life that many people lead, finding the time to think about and buy the right one is a difficult task.

So here is a list of some ideas that might work for you and help you save time and energies.

Hawkers sunglasses

give the sunglasses That’s a great idea: they are an accessory that can be used by anyone, since they are very useful to protect themselves from the sun, both in winter and in summer. Before giving such a gift, you should make sure that the person for whom they are intended does not have to wear them glasses, or that you usually wear contact lenses because you only wear them sporadically. Reduced the 44% until tonight these glasses cost 22.31 euros.

Levi’s men’s belt

If the previous gift was suitable for both men and women, this one Belt Instead, it’s only for men. As with sunglasses, the belt is also a kind of “Safe haven»Speaking of gifts: everyone uses them. The belt, which you can purchase directly from the link below, is available in multiple sizes, so be sure to ask the recipient or a relative for their measurements so you can purchase the correct one. The starting price is discounted by 25%the last one is approx 18.00 euros.

Champion Women’s Sweatshirt

With the upcoming winter season, get new sweatshirts to wear in situations informal or staying at home is important. This women’s sweatshirt is a lot easy in design, which makes it very versatile. The price is reduced by 42%while the last is 34 euros approximately.

Sports trousers for men by Puma

Suitable for sports and outdoor exercise, these pants are a lot versatile, thanks to the color and the material. If the person you want to give a gift to is a hiking lover (or you just like to dress comfortably), this is the one trousers are absolutely for you. The discount applied to this product is 18%while the final price is approx 25.00 euros.

CMP sports shorts for men

Giving away a pair of track pants can be a good idea if the person you’re giving them to is someone who enjoys outdoor activities.under the open sky and sport. These in particular are equipped with practical, closable pockets so that they can be carried safely during sports without losing anything. Your cost thanks to the action launched by Amazon is About 27.50 euros.

Pepe Jeans long sleeve t-shirt

For those who want to gift something instead easy and in fact, this Pepe Jeans t-shirt is available on Amazon at a price that will blow your mind 25.00 to the 30.00 euros. This t-shirt comes in multiple colors (black, grey, blue, white) and can be worn either alone or with one sweatshirtin the colder season.

Urban classic, men’s swimsuit

Although out of season, a swimsuit It’s always a great idea for a swimsuit for a man. This is used especially in summer to go on vacation Beach. If you buy it now, you can save money, as the maritime season has just ended, so if you want to make a nice gift while saving, this is your chance. Urban Classic costumes have very simple colors and a lot of design minimaltherefore it will not be difficult to find a color that suits the taste of the recipient.

Denim jacket for women by Levi’s

Despite this Jacket costs a few euros more than the planned budget, without which it would have been a pity given the property. there Levi’s denim jacket It is in fact a very popular piece of clothing worn by major film and television stars.

It’s still very popular today, so much so that it’s cyclically coming back into fashion. This color in particular is very light, so it is suitable for the spring months. Its basic price is 130.00 euros, but it even reaches it thanks to the 60% discount 51.78 euros.

White long sleeve shirt from Levi’s

This white shirt is very classic, it can be worn in both formal situations, with a jacket over it or with a simple cotton sweater. Made at 100% cotton, can also be purchased for a woman, as the sporty cut is very suitable. The discount on this product is 47%and its final cost is 31.85 euros.

White pillows for the home

If the person you want to give a gift to has just bought a house, it might be a good idea to give them gifts pillow, as they are very useful and beautiful. These are particularly in Cotton and with microfiber pillowcase and are perfect to be placed both on the bed and on a sofa. They are currently at a discount of 16%and have a price of 39.59 euros.

Fork, single duvet cover

Has the person you are gifting just had a baby? Well, in this case that duvet cover could do for you. This single bed accessory has a double motif: white on one side and blue on the other. Its starting cost is 53.90 euros, while thanks to the discount, the 44% depends on 29.99 euros.

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Fork, a quilt and a half

But the recipient’s bed does not fail one and a half squares? No problem, here it is Fork also has a winter duvet suitable for a queen-size bed to guarantee a warm and comfortable winter for those who receive it. But pay attention to the size of the bed, this duvet has a size of 205 x 200 x 2 cm. Currently the cost 49.99 euros.

Joseph Joseph household utensil set

Will the recipient live alone or has they just bought a house? What he certainly shouldn’t miss are these domestic appliances and if he doesn’t have it yet, you can gift it to him. Thanks to a discount of 42%with suns 34.90 euros You can buy a complete set that should be in every home.

Elizabeth Arden Lip Balm

The person you are giving the gift to has a passion for personal hygiene and skincare. Well, in that case the Night Lip Balm is just what you need: with an eight-hour effect during the night, this product makes chapped lips even worse Soft and hydrate. The product is currently on sale and costs approx 11.00 euros.

Crocs classic lines, slippers

To stay at home there is nothing more comfortable than a pair of slippers Crocs. If the gift recipient doesn’t already have a pair at home, make sure you’re the one to give them the first one. Many available Coloursincluding pink, green and red, these slippers cost around 39.00 euros.

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